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Speech therapist – part duex

Grace had her second speech therapy appointment today, and the therapist is very impressed with the progress she has made over the last six weeks. It was encouraging to get positive feedback – at least we know we are on the right track. Grace seems to really enjoy the sessions and today her favourite thing was a wind up mouse which she just wanted more and more of.

I think the most interesting thing the therapist said about Grace is how well she is able to communicate even though her speech is behind, and that she is actually quite assertive ("in a charming way"). I had never thought of how she interacts in those terms, but it is probably quite accurate.

We now have some more homework and another appointment in a month's time. It is exciting that she is making good progress, and today – for the first time – she said "more" (which she pronounces "nor").

Horse riding in her tutu. The clothes may look familiar, as she wanted to dress in the same clothes as yesterday (which had been cleaned this morning).



Two years ago, at 04h30 in the morning Grace was born. The last two years have been an amazing journey and it has been a privilege to have Grace as a part of our lives. She has changed us and helped us to grow so much, and it has been (and is) exciting to see her develop.

Happy birthday Grace – I look forward to spending many more with you. May God bless you and grow you into a woman after His own heart. May you be filled with love, compassion and wisdom. May you live a long and healthy life filled with happiness. I love you my little one.

Opening presents on the bed this morning


Birthday outfit


The weather was bad so we could not go to the park, but we could do something else Grace loves – eat sushi! She was quite adamant that she wanted sushi when she was presented with the options – any other meal choice got a definite "No," while sushi got a vigorous "Yes!" She then proceeded to eat about 8 pieces of maki and California roll before we had to stop her from eating all of our sushi.


Aunt Annie sent a beautiful tutu birthday present all the way from the USA. Tutus are good for all activities – playing with playdough, pegboards, spinning around the washing line, and picking chillies.


One last walk

Today was the last day of our holiday and the weather was perfect for one last walk along the pier and beach in PE.



I think I'll just step off of here – one of you should catch me.


We are all home safely now and getting ready to return to work. Also, tomorrow is Grace's 2nd birthday.

Duncan the white rabbit


Duncan put the Caltex white rabbit head on for Grace today. She liked looking at it but wasn’t so sure when Duncan disappeared inside its head.

Last day in Jeffreys

Today was our last full day in Jeffreys Bay, tomorrow we head back to PE for the night and Tuesday we are home.  We really had a wonderful relaxing time here in Jeffreys Bay and although I don't feel quite ready to go back I do feel refreshed.  It has been really special for Grace to spend time with all her Grandparents, Keren and don't forget the dogs and cats. She has had a wonderful time and has made herself quite at home here in Jeffreys Bay.  

Princess Grace


Grace helping Gogo in the garden.  This weekend she really enjoyed helping Gogo with various tasks around the house including gardening, feeding the animals and unpacking the groceries. 


Having a mini tea party with her tea set and some yummy carrot cake


I just wanted to take a photo of the outfit because she decided she wanted to wear the little tutu and the jersey (so she could undo buttons). To get her to actually look at the camera I told her to pretend she was licking a lollipop which she did all to gladly.


Grace "fried" Duncan a plastic egg and fed it to him like this


Birthday party – number one

Grace was lucky to spend her first 2nd birthday party with all her grandparents, her aunty Keren, and some extended family members (big thanks to those that made the trip in the torrential rain).


Silly Grandpa and Grace

The girls – Robyn decided that the way to win Grace over was to feed her Smarties which resulted in Grace having cheeks filled with Smarties 🙂


Grace was very spoilt and got lots of help opening her presents.


Keren baked Grace a beautiful carrot cake in the shape of a monkey, since Miss Grace is a big fan of her monkey.  Grace just loved the cake and was quite upset when people started eating it.  Luckily we have photos of it.


Blowing out the candles, with a little help from a straw


Blowing bubbles

It is great to see that in the past 5 weeks Grace has made lots of progress with blowing bubbles, whistles, a recorder, blowing bubbles through a straw and various other things. 


Because she is getting better at blowing bubbles she has started enjoying it more and didn't want to stop this afternoon