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Happy New Year peeps

May 2012 be a year filled with love. Yes, the love which you receive, but more than that, may it be a year in which you are able to pour out your love, to give your love to the people around you and to the world.

Lots of love from the three of us,
Duncan, Donné and Grace

The final present

Grace had one final present waiting for her when she got home – the present we have been waiting to give her for a while – her new balance bike.


After unwrapping it she tried to climb onto it and said the most unexpected thing, "Not stable, not stable." There is no context for her to say that (although I am sure we have used the phrase before when she is climbing onto chairs and so forth), so it really surprised me when she used it in the correct way.


It is going to take her a little bit of time to figure out, but I am excited to help her learn how to ride it.

A visit to Homeleigh Farmyard

Homeleigh Farmyard has a lovely petting and feeding animal yard with goats, donkeys, sheep, cows, horses, an emu and even more animals.

Grace is watching the goats…in the next scene one gets a bit too close and she freaks out a little bit. She is normally quite calm with animals, but does not like it when they come at her too fast. She was actually quite touchy and skitzy today – even the crowing rooster was bothering her.


Other than the bunnies one of her favourite animals were the horses, particularly the very small Falabella horses (full size horse in the photo, not a Falabella).


And she loved the pigs too.


Song choices

What would Kim call it? Oh yes…a rookie mistake. Two nights ago I joked with Grace about what songs we could sing instead of Silent Night, “What about Happy Birthday? Or maybe Merry Christmas?”

So what songs are being requested now? Happy Birthday and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Funnily enough Donné and I both independently decided to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus seen as it is Christmas.

Today was the last day in Jeffrey’s Bay – a last swim in the lagoon for the whole family and a whole lot of cleaning. PE for a day tomorrow and then back home on Friday.

Bubble catching

Watch on Posterous

Having fun in the garden catching bubbles.

Dad’s and their girls

Barry, Leslie, Chloe and Robyn popped in for a quick visit today. Once Grace warmed up to them she had lots of fun playing in the water and jumping with her two cousins that love her to bits.

I always find it interesting to watch other fathers of girls and how they interact with their children. Grace will become a little girl, and then a teenager, and grow into a woman, and each step of the way will be a journey which I hope to walk well, so it is nice to watch other people and start to get my head around what it might be like in the future. I know that we grow into it as we go along, but it is still good to watch and see and picture what things might be like.

Water fun with the girls as Grace sprays Chloe with a water pistol


Grace having some fun with her doll's house from Gogo & Gramps


Christmas Carnage


The aftermath of present opening.

Grace seemed to like the process of opening the presents a lot. When I asked her what her favourite part of the day was she said, “Running in garden.” It’s what we do with our family that matters more than the things we give.