Monthly Archives: October 2017

Death & Tiffany Aching

It seems that after years of holding back we’re now embracing Halloween as a tradition after our first one last year.

Death & Tiffany Aching (from the Discworld novels)

Policemen, a pirate and the motorcycle magician.


Addy the magic bike rider

Adam’s swimming lesson

Adam has been loving his swimming lessons and after settling into it is quite happy to go with the instructor and do his thing. Hopefully after the first six weeks he’ll be good to go on his own.

Swimming season is open!

First swim of the season, happy children and many more swims to come.

Addy even braved the chilly water to show off some of his new swimming skills.

Warming up after some cold water

Sharing science

Grace was a showing Ian the venation of a leaf. She’s been very excited to look at the leaves under a microscope.

Water Addy

Watering the garden is always fun (especially with collected rainwater)

Grace’s beanie

Grace has been knitting away to make her first beanie! With some help from Granny she was able to finish it off. I think it is brilliant what she has been able to do on her own and how much the quality of her knitting has progressed.

Adam’s rainbow party

Adam turned two today and we celebrated with a rainbow colours party

The day started off with some gifts – a helmet from us, a puzzle book from Granny, and a tape measure from Grace and Eli. He was very chuffed with the tape measure. He also got some rings and a trapeze bar for the jungle gym and garden.


Another highlight for him was the helium balloons which miraculously survived being carried around outside by a variety of children.


Eli was anxious for the friends to arrive – he had his lookout spot at the gate


Some wonderful friends joined us to celebrate


A rainbow party means a rainbow cake. Donné fought with this cake yesterday, but in the end it was delicious and the colours looked amazing.



And rainbow jellies which we all had fun making together



Singing happy birthday

Lots of love from his siblings


And a cute photo of George


A happy Sunday celebrating Adam, who is so full of life and energy, and relaxing with great friends.