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Baking at Café Paradiso


Having some fun baking ginger bread men at the always awesome Café Paradiso

Happy birthday dear me

First words this morning? "It's Friday!"


She then went through to the lounge to her gift table saying "Happy birthday dear me," and proceeded to 3 year old heaven opening gifts with her new Backpack (homemade by Donné) on her back.


The process of opening presents was load of fun for Grace, so every time a new gift appeared (via grannies, grandpas or friends) there was loads of excitement and immediate unwrapping.


Keren phoned to wish her happy birthday. Grace takes the phone, "Hello Ker, happy birthday to me, okay bye. It was Ker."

The party was today at The Party Playhouse which was awesome. Donné did well to decide to have it at a venue that was super-awesome for all the kids who came.


The ball pit was a winner. I think most of the kids spent most of their time in the pit. Grace went around and around, up the slide and down.


And the cake?


Then on to the sushi afterparty


It was a really awesome day filled with lots of fun.

A brief summary of Grace on her 3rd birthday:
  • What is your favourite color?  Green
  • What is your favourite toy?  Baking Cakes
  • What is your favourite fruit? Plums
  • What is your favourite tv show? Mickey Mouse Club House
  • What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch? Honey licks
  • What is your favourite clothes?  Summer Dress
  • What is your favourite snack? Sweeties
  • What is your favourite animal? Piggies and cows
  • What is your favourite song? Amy Winehouse – Valerie (decided in the car today)
  • What is your favourite book?  Tinker and Tanker
  • Who is your best friend?  Minnie and Mickey Mouse
  • What is your favourite cereal? Muesli
  • What is your favourite thing to do outside? Riding my bike and swinging
  • What is your favourite drink?  Water 
  • Where do you like to go on holiday?  Jeffreys Bay
  • What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Monkey and the hot water bottle pingüino 
  • What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? Muesli 
  • What do you want for supper / lunch on your birthday? Sushi for lunch
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? A Big sister

It’s gonna be a great day

There has been build up, counting down of the number of sleeps, excitement, happiness, singing, dancing, jumping and general merriment. Tomorrow is Grace's birthday and she is excited. She is even walking around singing, "Friday, Friday."

One thing that she has surprised me with is her ability to count down. I thought that she would need some prompting every day to know how many sleeps left, but there have been a few days this week when she has woken up and told the world that it is only, "Three more sleeps to my birthday," when the last number she had heard the night before was four.

One last sleep left now and then, "It's gonna be a great day!"


Grace has been expanding her palet and trying all sorts of things which she has not tried before or has not liked before. We recently discovered that she likes barbecue flavoured chips, so Donné decided to see if she might like a Fling. Grace brings it to her mouth, touches it with her tongue, stops and ends with, "No, still not nice."

The magic glasses


Grace has a pair of magic sunglasses that came from a party pack. If she puts them on, she becomes Goofy. If mommy puts them on, then she becomes Princess Daisy, and if I put them on, I'm Donald Duck. It is a pity that Goofy doesn't like her photo being taken.

The washing station

It is finally done! The washing, snack and imaginary play station is done.


Grace has a basin to wash dishes, a basket with snacks (fruit, cornthins, honey, butter and such), crockery and cutlery, her kitchen imaginary play toys, dish towels, cloth and a broom and dustpan. And she is enjoying playing. And eating. It was a challenge to get her to the bath tonight because she wanted to eat everything that was still in her snack basket (even after eating well at supper).

Mess up time

We picked up a little ditty from our friend Karen for tidy up time which we have sung since Grace was little. It has been a while since we sung it, but Grace has recently started to sing the song while we tidy up. Today (not at tidy up time) she was singing it and packing some things away. She then started taking pillows off the couch and saying, “Mess up time, mess up time.” Some yin for your yang.

Before we brushed teeth tonight Grace was packing out toys for the bath and had taken out quite a few, including Suzy’s bath. Donné normally baths with Grace on a Sunday (which Grace loves, especially washing mommy’s face). So Donné says to Grace, “Grace, if you want to bath with all those toys there won’t be space for me. You bath with the toys tonight and I’ll bath with you tomorrow night.” Grace looks at her toys, picks up the biggest one (the bath) and puts it back into the basket, “Please mommy will you bath with me?” With such a good understanding of the space constraints, and such an emphatic plea, who could say no?