Monthly Archives: May 2011

An ordinary day

With a definite winter chill in the air, not to mention the rain and the wind, Grace and I have been kept mostly indoors, reading books, building puzzles etc.  With all this inside time Grace has developed, what I call, restless bunny syndrome, so this afternoon before supper, Duncan and her went for a walk in the garden to release some of that energy.    

Going for a garden walk 


While outside she decided to release some of her creative energy and drew a picture with some chalk 


After the garden walk it was supper time, but little Miss Restless Bunny couldn't sit still while eating, so although she had a perfect little dinner table for one, she chose to eat her meal looking out the window, scooting backwards until her legs were under the couch etc. Not ideal, but we can't complain she has a good appetite and eats healthily. 


New words

We have been continuing with the programme the speech therapist gave us and in the past week and a half Grace has learned to say some new words (rough pronunciation in brackets) – sock, chair, book, ball, bear (baa – similar to her sheep sound, but slightly different), there (dare), bump, bag (baa), roll (oll), boo, bowl. Sock and chair she has only said a few times, but she has been using the rest fairly consistently. Currently her favourite word is “Shoe!”

It is great to see the improvements she is making, as well as how her confidence is growing – it is very encouraging.

The puzzle bug has bitten

With all the puzzle building going on (Grace has started working on a 50 piece puzzle now), Donné's puzzle bug has bitten and she has started building some of the puzzles we got her for Mother's Day….with a little help from Grace 🙂


Balancing on the cat scratching post seems like a good idea….

Ben 10 vs. The Dinosaur

A trip to our local Woolworths now involves an extra step. Grace has decided that she should always make a visit to the kiddies section and give a fluffy dinosaur a big hug, and then give the Ben 10 bubble bath a big hug too. Today she took all the Ben 10's off the shelf and packed them in a row – which I thought looked like a wonderful row for the dinosaur to bowl over….which Grace thought was very funny. She then proceeded to help the dinosaur flatten Ben 10.


It's over, the dinosaur won

Whistles and building

Part of our homework from the Speech Therapist was to practice blowing whistles, recorders, through straws, blowing out candles, blowing bubbles etc.  Grace is enjoying it and although she can't blow on a party blowout (the thingy in the photo) yet, she is able to blow on various other whistles.  She is also really enjoying blowing through straws, especially if there is water involved.


Although we are currently back in a puzzle and book phase (she is now building 36 piece puzzles – which is just mind boggling to me), Grace decided to play with her Duplo blocks today.  I built the tree and laid the foundation of the house and she built the rest.  It was fascinating to watch her build the house because she tended to put all the same colours together – just an interesting observation.  Her little house was very orderly 🙂  


Dancing with the Lion


Grace didn't feel like participating in any of the songs at Clamber Club today, but did enjoy dancing and hugging the lion.   I think if she had had her way, Mr Lion would have come home with us this afternoon 🙂

A miracle

About 2 months ago I lost a contact lens. I did it in a pretty stupid way. I was in the process of putting my contact lenses in and had already put my right contact in when Grace came by and distracted me. I was half asleep still and turned back, picked up my contact lens case, rinsed it out and let the water in the sink drain out. And then I realised what I had just done. Bye-bye contact lens. I looked all over myself and the floor, then took my right lens out and proceeded to take apart the U-pipe of the sink to check if the lens might be there….all to no avail. I felt pretty stupid having lost a contact lens this way, and it was especially frustrating as hard contact lenses cost a bit to replace.

I finally got around to visiting the optometrist today to sort out a new lens and have an eye check-up. He takes the right lens out of my contact case and then separates it into two lenses – the two lenses were stuck on top of each other!

I have no idea how this happened, or even how it could have happened. It was amazing and I was (and am) totally dumbfounded. I have no explanation.

Depending on your personal beliefs you might think that there is some explanation, or that I have just been plain stoopid….but for me it is a miracle and for that I am truly grateful to God.

Washing hair fun