Monthly Archives: January 2016

Destructive forces

I was sorting out my shoes after some gardening and a quick swim, when I suddenly asked myself, “What exactly is Eli doing at that chair?”

What he was doing, was poking holes in the dining room chair with a paint brush. Hmm.

The damage and the weapon


I surprised myself by remaining calm in the light of serious damage to our chair. Normally he would have been shouted at, given a smack and sent to his room. I thought, “How would a Montessori teacher handle this?” I spoke to him calmly, but seriously and told him that I was very upset and explained why, and then sent him to his room to think about what he had done.

He came down and apologised, but seemed to have a bit of a destructive vibe about him, so Donné redirected that into some hammering.

Working the need to bash things


And giving his brother some entertainment


He spent a long time hammering nails into the polystyrene. He eventually hammered an entire bag of nails into it, and then set out trying to pull them out with the back of the hammer. A while later and he seemed to have worked out that destructive streak.

Star Wars and Olaf

We joined Gabriella and Serena to celebrate their birthday – and with twins comes two themes…and two cakes…

Chewbacca and the Darth Vader pinata


Olaf the snowman (melting away on this hot summer day)


Richard prepares the children for the pinata attack


Slip ‘n slides, swimming, good food and friends – a lovely afternoon.

Scroll making

Grace: “Shandre and I were looking in a book today and there was a picture of a scroll and we decided to make one. Chloe gave us paper, and we got sticks from outside, and we painted the paper and glued the sticks onto the paper, and we made a scroll.”

In so many ways that seems to capture some of the essence of junior primary Montessori – pick up a thread of interest, follow it, learn, create, pick up a thread of interest…

Chopping things is dangerous work – requires hard hats


Waking up the children

If you want to wake up children without them being grumpy, just sneak their baby brother in with them



The left over baby

Grace was considering her birthday this year, “You know, my birthday party was  crazy last year with all those people. Last year I had 15 people, so this year I think I’ll have 14.”

Donné raced Eli up the steps to get him to go to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Being a smart mommy she knows that it is best to let a three year old win. When she comes into the bathroom after Eli, Grace says, “Mommy, you weren’t as fast as Eli…did the left over baby slow you down?” (referring to Donné’s baby belly). She says it with such innocence that you just have to laugh.

Our little basket case


New skills

Grabbing things, bashing skaapie, blowing raspberries and laughing – all new skills that Adam has suddenly developed this week.


This is the face of happiness when you manage to pick up a block and bring it to you, all by yourself. This little guy has been picking up all sorts of skills over the last week or so.