Monthly Archives: May 2017

Adam and the big fluffy monkey 

Adam really loves his soft toys and looks for them to cuddle when going to bed. He does have a small dog toy that he likes to cuddle, but then he saw this….. 

Some work was required to convince him that the monkey wasn’t going home with him. 


We’ve all enjoyed reading Dr Seuss’ “Mr Brown can moo,” and now Adam is having his turn and learning some new sounds as he goes along.

A fun filled few days

The Cape Town Drennans feel like they have had a mini holiday, with a school social, birthday party,  and hanging out with special friends visiting from America.

A lovely school social organised by the elementary staff

A birthday celebration celebrating all the Monometsi girls

I made a galaxy themed cake for the birthday girls and had such fun trying out a new mirror glaze technique 

We had some very special time with Stéfan, Lauren and Adriaan who came to visit for the weekend. Meeting Adriaan, and seeing them working as a happy family was a wonderful blessing, and our children enjoyed the time with an extra “sibling” in the house. Lots of love and fun.

Trampoline time, with only minor neck injuries

Bath time with a friend

1, 2, 3….mow 

Sam now has l two gardening assistants…. 

The Mystery of the Reappearing Scissors 

Okay maybe we have too many pairs of scissors in this house or my kids are seriously trying to mess with my mind (probably a bit of both). 

I pack the scissors away in their home in the craft cupboard and they reappear in a variety of interesting places. In my walk around the house today I found a pair in the bathroom,  because you never know when you may need to cut something while brushing your teeth, a pair in Eli’s cupboard and one in the playroom. 

Of course Adam is the finder of all things, and well let’s just say he can smell out things he shouldn’t have; knives, scissors, lipstick, matches, siblings toothbrush etc. 

Having found 3 pairs of scissors on my search I diligently packed them away to keep Adam safe.

I guess the question is what will tomorrow bring?

Yes he is chuffed,  not only did he brush his teeth will Eli’s toothbrush he found a pair of scissors too! 

Sneaky licks

Donné was icing her cake when she turned around to find Adam helping himself to a little bit of icing from the beater….

Family car wash 

Donné and the children got stuck into cleaning our very dirty car – water and washing is always well loved. For our Captonian friends experiencing the drought along with us, we used greywater.