Monthly Archives: April 2016

Muddy fun

A group of us went to help Tahila clear out a waterway and do some general clearing out and fixing in her new farm space (she gives horse riding lessons and breeds horses). This did involve some good old fashion digging in the mud, with the expected consequences…


Just about knee deep in it, but still time to strike a pose for the fans (thanks for the photos Kim!)


I’ve got some washing to do when I get home.


We did manage to make a decent ditch for the water to run through (mainly due to the people who did all the hard work before we arrived), so hopefully no more water running through the shed.

I eat you up!

Adam loves plastic, if he can reach a piece with any part of his body, then it is in the mouth ASAP. Sometimes he chooses something a little bit too big…


Heather the baby whisperer, with her special baby bounce.


Enjoying it again

Adam is our third child, so we’ve been around the block a few times already, but what is really cool to enjoy is how special each of his achievements is – the first time he smiled, the first time he sat, the first time he…..

Each thing is just as exciting with him as it was with the other two – it turns out that the shine doesn’t wear off. It is special opportunity to be able to watch him grow and discover the world around him.

Always entertainment

They do love each other, and they do think that the others are funny. Eli laughs at Grace, Adam gives them both smiles and giggles, Grace gets lots of joy from watching her two little brothers.


Puzzling away (which in this case means grab and chew)


Addy stats

At six months Adam is 10.2kg, 71cm long, and has a head circumference of 46cm. Eli and Grace were both 8.6kg, 70cm long at six months….

Enjoying his first taste of rye bread


Three little ones

We were looking for a small glass for Adam, and one of our friends (Heather), gave us three large tot glasses – one for each of them. Now it is tot glasses and straws and a jug for refills.


On the nights that I have a parents association meeting, the evening routine runs a bit differently. Today it was puzzle building and practising working on an abacus.


And we need some photos of Adam being his cute self



The joy and the pain

Sometimes, you’re just having fun and laughing…

…and other times you’re getting head butted by your brother (while your parents are trying to video something else).