Monthly Archives: February 2016

Brother cuddles

Time for some cuddling of my little bro…


Eli learns the national anthem

Grace has been singing and singing the anthem, and Eli joins in every now and again, but Grace decided it was time to teach him properly while they bathed…


Afrikaans books

Grace has been learning a little bit of Afrikaans in class, and today when she went to the library she chose an Afrikaans book.

Regardless of the language, everyone can enjoy a book


Little blue eyes

Little blue eyes and his Sophie Giraffe


I wasn’t sure if his eyes were going to get darker, but they seem to be getting more and more blue everyday. And his little fuzz cut is surprisingly blonde, with a good degree of crazy professor frizz.

First food

Adam has been bringing everything to his mouth, and grabbing whatever his hands happen to be able to reach, and once he has something bringing it to his mouth. When he happens to grab some food he has mostly brought it to his mouth and then moved on, but today he got a taste of some mango and it clearly hit the spot. He noshed along on that, even managed to nibble off little pieces – first food!


A fish tail

One of our fish has been acting strangely for a very long time, nearly a year. All of the other fish have been fine, so we knew it was just something with that fish, and the way it behaved at times made us think it had had a stroke. Now, after a long stretch of strange behaviour, Berns the 2nd has died.

The final resting pose of Berns the 2nd


It is not as upsetting as last time a fish died, because I’ve been expecting this for a long time. I also had a plan for when she died – I gave the school a call and donated her body for medical research. This meant that I had to get Berns’ body there, which proved to be tricky based on the size of the fish.

This cooler box will just have to do


Apparently the fish was a hit, and the biology lesson was a bit more interesting, and a bit more messy than usual.

Go well Berns, your craziness in the pond will be missed.

Squidgy and the swing

Little squidgy has been loving the swing…


…and bringing everything to his mouth for a good drooling on.