Monthly Archives: December 2016

Abundance and love 

The last day of the year was a family day celebrating Uncle Nico’s 74th birthday and spending some time with the Clemence family.

This past year has been an interesting one, with lots of opportunities for growth. May the year ahead be filled with abundance and love, and a strong commitment to building the habits that will take us to becoming the people we want to be. 

Donné made a chocolate and coffee birthday cake which went down really well

This is what Addy gets up to in the morning when his parents are trying to get some more sleep time…

Eli said he was really excited to “poop scoop” in Jbay, and his wish has certainly come true. 

Summer days and surprise naps

It was a stunning day today and the water is really quite warm, so we got to spend lots of time playing in the breakers, which all of the children are enjoying. 

Ads likes to really dig in to get the full beach sand experience. 

Watching the crowds 

Grace and Eli stayed up late to go and see the stars. I remember the clear nights and brilliant view of the Milky Way from our visits here as a child and wanted to share the experience with them. We had fun, but it just wasn’t dark enough to see the stars clearly. This morning after our beach trip Grace says she wants to nap, and nap she did! For Miss Grace, this is highly unusual behaviour, and she even said she enjoyed it and wanted to nap again another day. Clearly the beach fun is taking it out of her. 

First ice skate

Grace has been wanting to try ice skating for a little while now, so while Donné and the boys stayed at home, I took her for a daddy-daughter ice skating date.

First time at the ice rink


I did surprise myself that I was still able to actually stand on ice skates, and Grace gradually grew in confidence while we were there. She actually progressed pretty quickly and had good stable feet, even throwing a back sideways leg out when she got a bit unstable. She held onto my hand for most of the skating, and we just got gradually faster as the session progressed.

The face after her first fall


She was even able to be a bit silly at times….

We both really had a good time together and she thoroughly enjoyed the ice skating. For most of the rest of the day her words to me were, “Dada, I really enjoyed the ice skating,” and then later she was really sweet when she said, “Dad, I didn’t only enjoy the ice skating, I enjoyed the morning with you.”

And to end it all off? Ice scream!


Summer sports 

Other than kite flying, our summer sport range is expanding – now we have both swing ball (thank you Gogo and Gramps) and cricket on the menu. Swing ball has definitely been a hit (only minor injuries so far), and the cricket season just opened today, so we’re still practicing in the nets.

Let’s fly a kite 

We went down to the beach to try out Eli’s new kite. Grace got some decent air time, but we didn’t really get it to fly. Time to figure out how to fly a kite properly…. 

The first gift 

A few days ago at bedtime we could hear Grace and Eli plotting. “Okay Eli, it’s going to be a surprise.” 

And the surprise was? Our first Christmas gift from the children, planned on their own, bought with their own money and helped to the shops by  Gogo. 

A yummy box of Turkish delight 

It was a very kind, thoughtful and special gift.

Christmas was a very peaceful day shared with the family. Food, swingball and cuddles. 

Cuddle time for Addy 

Loves for Keren 

Delicious chocolate pavlova 

It was a day of Turkish delight – we made our first Turkish delight ever as gifts for Grampa and Gogo. 

Blessings to you 

Have a blessed Christmas! May it be filled with peace and happiness, love and joy. Thank you to all of you who have supported and loved us through this year – we appreciate you so much. 

Have a beautiful day, however you decide to celebrate. 

Lots of love from the Drennan’s