Monthly Archives: October 2015

Full of love

Adam is blessed to have a big brother and sister who love him very much. Grace is much more chill with Adam, she loves him and cuddles him, but moves on when she is done.


Eli is a bit more in Adam’s face. He wants to hug him, and kiss him and hold him, all while talking loudly to Adam. What is for certain is that there is lots of love for the little man and that seems like a good way to start life off.


Growth and cuddles

On Monday Adam’s weight was down to 3.62kg (from a birth weight of 4.02kg), and today he is weighing 4.11kg – I think the milk is doing its job.

I feel like I need to spend lots of time just cuddling Adam and staring at him. He is in all likelihood our last child and this time when they are little is so short, it feels like I need to make the most of it and spend some time just being with him and cuddling him.

Maybe the bath should be a little bit warmer next time…


1 week old today


1 week old and all is well. Adam is healthy, drinking, and spending good time staring. Grace and Eli are enjoying him, but Eli seems to be taking some strain and is waking up at night and needing input to get back to sleep. Hopefully Eli will settle down again soon.

Tiny man



3 in the bed

Cuddles are the order of the day, of everyday. Grace and Eli love to give Adam a hug, stroke, or to hold his hand. May the sibling love grow, and may they all share a wonderful relationship together.


Tummy tubbing

Natasha came by to check in on Donné and Adam, and also to give little Adam a bath in the tummy tub.


All is well with both of them. Adam is weighing 3.62kg today and is slightly yellow (as both Eli and Grace were around about this time). Donné’s milk is busy coming in, and Adam has had some better sleeps. He even had a little outing to collect Grace and Eli from school today: car + moby wrap = sleepy baby.

First outing

Strapped in and ready to go for his first outing (which all went well with him sleeping through the grocery shopping)


A 4kg baby sounds big, but he is still just a little nooney