Monthly Archives: July 2016

Being brave

Grace has a certain height that she likes to stay below, and if she happens to cross that height threshold her eyes go wide and she wants to come down again. The height is around about the top step of our ladder, but the same goes for trees and other things you may climb.

Grace wanted to help me clean some leaves out of the gutters, but to reach the gutter she was going to need to stand right on top of the ladder and this presented a challenge, especially seen as she really wanted to help.


Getting up to that top step took a bit of time, with Grace asking questions like,

  • What if I fall?
  • What if the ladder breaks?
  • What if the wind blows the ladder over?

Grace did get to the top though. It look a few rounds of things, but eventually she was brave, overcame her fear, had fun cleaning out the leaves……and made it back down again!

Daniella and the pink pony

Happy birthday Daniella! We joined Daniella for a pink my little pony  birthday, and enjoyed some sun and good friends – a lovely relaxed time. 

My first spag bolognese

Messy….very messy….but yummy!


The fix it truck

Eli takes the little cars, crashes them and then goes with his “fix it” truck to collect them for repairs. He says to Donné when she picked up a car to play with, “No mommy, not the flipping car,” but literally means flipping – he flicks them over to crash them, hence the flipping car. 

Happy shoppers

These two were very happy with a surprise gift from mom. I think there are going to be many hours spent shopping for fun.


Sunny Sunday’s

Bike rides with our neighbour


Some fun swing time at the park (where the swings are too long, so legs need to be pulled up into a “bomb”)


Hannah’s haunted house 

We joined Hannah for her Haunted House party today. 

Hannah is one of Grace’s best friends, but being in different schools and different parts of Cape Town means different groups of friends.

Today, for the first time (that I’ve noticed), Grace was shy to meet the other children. She’s been shy about older children, but I can’t think of a time she’s been shy with her peers (although I may be forgetting some obvious times, which Donné will remind me about in the morning).

She was off colour today with a bit of a head cold, so that may have played a role.

I’m okay if she just needs some space to be an introvert at times – I know I need that sometimes too.