Monthly Archives: April 2013

Still love you Eli

Just before leaving for school Grace runs to Eli and gives him a hug, “It’s okay Eli – I still love you,” just so that he knows she is not abandoning him and will be back later.

Apple nosher


Feeding brother

Grace got to feed Eli today, and I just love this video of her doing it. Listen carefully.


Crazy bath kicking

Every night Grace and Eli have a “sister hug” in the bath, and most nights they have a kick together…

Sandpit friends

Children just need a big pile of sand and some spades to be happy and have fun. Grace made some friends when we went to have coffee at Café Ruby this morning. Interestingly the twins’ (Emily and Georgia) birthday is on the same day of the year as mine.


Boots for boys

Trying on big sis’ boots


I called Grace to come and see her brother in her boots, and she looks and says, “Get that pink off of him, he’s a boy.” After that she seemed to see the humour in it.

On all fours


Once Eli is up, he doesn’t really know what to do, but he is able to push himself up and is getting stronger. When he is lying on his tummy his hands are starting to do the right action. Not too long now and we’ll be clearing the house of all baby hazards.

You make me feel like a princess

Grace: Mommy, I want to marry you

Donné: Grace, you can’t marry me. I hope that one day you find a very special man who is as awesome as daddy to marry.

Duncan: Grace, I hope you find someone who is even better than me to marry.

Donné: You must find someone who treats you like a princess.

Grace: Mommy, you make me feel like a princess…..

(warm fuzzies after that comment)

Grace: ….can I marry you?