Monthly Archives: February 2017

Two cute boys

Sharing some lunch together

Rice play 

Playing cluedo

(by Grace

Today Keren and Andrew came and we played cluedo. Duncan won. I came second.

Grace’s draft

Happy birthday Kim! 

Brent sneakily organised a surprise party for Kim’s 40th. We gathered and snuck in while she was relaxing and watching TV on the couch. I did love her comment, “Why didn’t my dog bark at you?” 

It was a beautiful evening, and Donné got to bake a beautiful cake for a very special lady. 

Happy  birthday Kim! 

The drip cake

Two lovely ladies

Addy is always looking for new ways to look cute  

Drinking on the sly 

In a brief moment when he wasn’t being watched, Adam opened the fridge, grabbed both his siblings juices and sat down for a drink. Fortunately he was very fair about it, he drank evenly from both bottles…. 

Flying Eli 

With summer actually feeling like summer again, everyone is enjoying some pool time to cool off. 

The monkey rope 

Sacha had a rope tied across the pool on Monday at Eli’s swimming lesson. 

It was funny to watch them trying to get out on on the other side after going across. They can usually get out easily on their own, but it made me think of that feeling of jumping on the ground after jumping on a trampoline – they just couldn’t get themselves out. 

Monkey bars

Adam has been asking to hang from the monkey bars, which he does for a short while, then drops down to be caught. Now he has figured out that he can do this thing on his own (and even lifts his legs up)