Speech therapist – part duex

Grace had her second speech therapy appointment today, and the therapist is very impressed with the progress she has made over the last six weeks. It was encouraging to get positive feedback – at least we know we are on the right track. Grace seems to really enjoy the sessions and today her favourite thing was a wind up mouse which she just wanted more and more of.

I think the most interesting thing the therapist said about Grace is how well she is able to communicate even though her speech is behind, and that she is actually quite assertive ("in a charming way"). I had never thought of how she interacts in those terms, but it is probably quite accurate.

We now have some more homework and another appointment in a month's time. It is exciting that she is making good progress, and today – for the first time – she said "more" (which she pronounces "nor").

Horse riding in her tutu. The clothes may look familiar, as she wanted to dress in the same clothes as yesterday (which had been cleaned this morning).


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