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‘Tar, ‘tar (guitar)

The first thing Eli said to me when they got home this afternoon was, “‘Tar, ‘tar, daddy’s ‘tar,” – he wanted my guitar so that he could play a bit. It turns out that there is some new equipment in the toddler’s class – a miniature guitar, violin and other instruments – and Eli spent most of the day playing the guitar in class today. It looks like it is shaping up to be guitar playing weekend….

Strum it!


If you’re playing the guitar, you might as well get a mic too


Eli’s electric toothbrush

Recently we had load shedding and it worked out that the electricity was off at bath time. Eli’s about to start brushing his teeth when he says, “‘Tricity off, no turn toothbrush on.” I say to him, “Eli, the electricity doesn’t have to be on for your toothbrush to work, it’s battery operated.” He doesn’t seem convinced, so I say to him, “Just push the button and brush your teeth.”

He seems okay with that, pushes the “button” and gets on with brushing his teeth. The only problem is that he has a manual toothbrush, there is no battery and his “button” is a round part moulded into the handle….and I’m talking to him like it’s all real.

Fire….burning sun

When Eli arrived home from school today he was a bit sad and crying out, “Daddy, daddy.” I called down to him that I was upstairs and he stopped calling and came up. As he got to the top of the stairs where he could just see me in my office he says, “Fire….burning sun,” and hold his arms up in a big circle with a happy look of amazement on his face. “Fire, burning sun…big fire.” It was just so sweet how he was excited to share what he had learnt today, and it seemed like such a huge and exciting discovery for him. It warmed my heart.

Eli’s sun picture (which is still in progress)



Grace on drums, Diya on keyboard and Eli on guitar. We all enjoyed a lovely day with the Bradshaw’s which ended with a musical jam


Girls: 1 Boys: 1….which way will it go?

13 weeks pregnant and looking forward to meeting the new little Drennan and growing the love in our family.


Grace & Eli’s reaction to hearing the news of their new little sibling

Chocolate bread

Snacking on some chocolate spread bread during a brief hiatus in the afternoon play. Hannah and Rebecca (our neighbours) spent most of the afternoon here playing inside, playing outside, playing hockey, and just playing…


Painting with the Missy’s

Gabriella and Serena (who are known collectively as the Missy’s) came to spend the afternoon at our house today, and after the excitement of arriving everyone sat down to paint. This seemed to centre them all for the afternoon and they all had a good time playing together