Monthly Archives: May 2016

Adam gets an upgrade

Adam has been sick on and off (mostly on) for the past month, and in that time his ears have never properly cleared. The ENT recommended grommets, so this morning Adam went to have his upgrade installed.

The little guy was an absolute champ, and even managed to be happy and smiling through all of the preparation. I was with him right up until the anaesthetist put him under.

All ready and about to go in


The operation was super quick and he was very unhappy when he woke up – groggy and cranky. After about half an hour he settled a bit, and then gradually made his way back to his smiling self. He was quite sensitive today though, just suddenly crying out with tears rolling down his cheeks for no apparent reason at times.

We’re very hopeful that this leads to a healthier happier Adam, and a bit of a respite from Dr’s visits for Donné.

Cute baby gowns – luckily he could keep his jersey on through everything.


Bush pixies

These two have been discovering new hiding places in the garden, and the current favourite lair is behind the hibiscus plants.


Parts of a line

Grace has been learning about lines in class

Eyeball threat

Grace’s ballet teacher is away and in the first class with the substitute teacher she said that she has a stick in her bag to poke anyone who does not behave.

This entirely upset Grace and she was very upset for the rest of the day, nothing we could say calmed her down, and she didn’t want to go again the next week. I said to her, “Grace, it is an idle threat, she isn’t actually going to poke anyone with her stick.”

The next day she was calmer, and by the time her lesson came around she was fine to go, and enjoyed her lesson without any issues.

Afterwards she says to Donné, “Dad was right, it was an eyeball threat.”

Morning playtime – Eli with the train, Adam chewing Lego blocks and Grace colouring in (with the correct pencil grip, without any reminders!)


They did it

It is good to have two crazy siblings who love you dearly


Adam will always have a scapegoat



The hoodie clan


Winter is coming, and hoodies are keeping us warm.

Paper monsters

Grace made a paper monster in needle craft, and the went on to make a paper pool, house, towel and more for her monster. Now she is making paper food and other sections of the house at home.