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Winnie thar Pooh

For the last few days we have been reading them at bedtime and Grace has been loving them. I'm never really sure if she quite gets the story of the humour, but she does seem to think they are funny and can retell parts of the stories when prompted – "Winnie Pooh hunting woozles," and "Sad donkey, lost tail. Winnie Pooh find on tree." 

I really love reading them with her, the original Winnie the Pooh stories are beautiful. They are subtle, funny and endearing – it is just such a pleasure to be able to read them with her.


Grace loves watering the garden. She loves pretty much anything that involves water. She runs around with her watering can and loves to hold the hose pipe. Holding the hose pipe does come with its challenges though, like today when I was hiding behind one of the pillars of the wall telling Grace to turn off the water….and fortunately managed to stay mostly dry. She also has this obsession with trying to water the plants directly at their roots, shoving the nozzle into the ground and wiggling it around – which drives me crazy.

Continuing her trend of spraying water at me, she thought it would be a good idea to point her water pistol at me while she was in the bath, resulting in ducking and dodging some sprays and lots of laughter from Grace.

The little laugher

Grace woke up in a funny mood this morning, funny as in everything is funny. You know it is going to be a interesting day when the first words out of her mouth are, "Book funny. Pooh hunting Woozles."

She giggled in glee at just about anything that was even remotely funny, which had us laughing along. Lots of things were, "Very funny," from closing the curtains, laughing wildly and running away, to running around the garden naked.

While we were having lunch Grace was putting her fingers into the butter on her roll and whizzing them around her plate. So Duncan said to her, "Grace, you asked for some food and now you are not eating it – why did you ask for food?" To which Grace replied, "Play with butter." Duh dad, isn't it obvious why I wanted some food?

Updated Greenpoint Park


It has been a while since we went to Greenpoint Park, so we took Grace for a ride on her bike. She was loving riding around, but did have a little fall. While going over one of the bridges she put her foot down into a gap and went over to the side. Fortunately she was wearing her helmet, but did mange to get a small graze and bite her lip (which seems to be standard procedure when Grace falls).

They have finished the play areas now and they are really awesome. The way they have been put together is beautiful and there were loads of children having fun on everything. While we were swinging, Grace says to me, "Cuddle," – sweet girl.

As always it was a lovely time in the park – definitely recommended for anyone in Cape Town, especially if you have children.


We fell behind with Grace's vaccinations….very behind, and today we were inspired by some events to finally get her to the clinic. Let's start with the event that led to the clinic.

Last night I was coming in from the office and noticed I had left the kitchen window open. I closed it and soon afterwards it became clear that I had trapped a strange cat in the house, which was now desperate to get out the window that I had just closed. I reached for the cat and as I touched it, it "opened up a can of whoop-ass" on my hand (to quote a friend). Realising the errors of my way I chose to just open the back door and let it escape. When I examined my hand the damage became clear. Plenty of scratches and a deep puncture wound. Ouch, let's clean it up and see how it looks in the morning.

Okay, looking like it needs some attention, so let's go to the clinic and take Grace along for her vaccinations.

She was amazing. She cried before the time, but as soon as it was done she was fine. It probably helped that we took a happy snack pack with Percy Pigs, marshmallows and an Easter egg 😉 I had a tetanus shot and afterwards, while walking out the door, Grace says to me, "Not sore."

When we got home it was time for monkey and all of Grace's soft toys to get their vaccinations, so she sat and had loads of fun playing nurse. It was great to see her deal with it all so well, and have fun working through what had happened.

Dora Monkey getting her injections


I took a trip to the doctor later to get some antibiotics, but everything looks like it will clear up nicely. So I guess we have to say thank you to the psychotic cat that mauled my arm – at least we're catching up Grace's vaccinations.

I’ll take the easy one

Grace was fetching a puzzle from her puzzle draw and decided to give me one to do. She then searched some more for one for her. Let's have a look what we got…..a 120 piece puzzle for Grace…..and a 36 piece for me.

Warm fuzzy’s at Moms Connect

Grace and I have been going to Moms Connect now for about the last month and it is great to see her really enjoying the group. Every week so far she has told me, "All done, go home," but today when I was standing near my bag she got a bit concerned we were going and came to me and said, "No go home, stay Mom's Connect." It made my heart go boom-pity-boom.

Today a lady did a short music appreciation presentation and every time a song ended Grace would say, "More songs, more songs."

Grace has built her little weekly rituals, and if you ask her what she is going to do, it goes something like this, "Walk in plants, eat cake, build puzzles."