Monthly Archives: August 2017

Adam’s pot band

Adam took a pot from the dishwasher to pack away….and then took out all the pots to start his own pot drumming corner (using the small pan as his drumstick)

Animal puzzle

Adam is enjoying the wooden form puzzles and naming the animals

Story listening

Grace and Eli have been listening to the Matilda audio book – some chill time over the weekend.

Count the softies

Adam likes to gather soft toys to himself when going to sleep (or when waking up in the middle of the night). Here he has dog, another dog, penguin, bear and bunny (and possibly more, who knows)


Build the tower

Of course, when you reach a point where things aren’t working out, it’s time to throw the tower.

Road tripping

Two cool dudes road tripping – all the way to school and back, and ballet and back, and…..


Big breakfasts

After supper Grace and Eli both wanted some avo toast and while I was busy making it Grace was talking to me. Recently Eli has been having avo toast for breakfast and Grace has also jumped on this bandwagon and is currently having an egg and two slices of avo toast for breakfast. She says to me, “It’s really good that I’m having a big breakfast in the morning, then it is long before I get hungry in the day.” I’m like, “That’s good,” so she continues, “Then I only need to eat a snack at 09h30.”

Addy has other uses for the cup holder in the trolley – blueberries!