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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! And we hope you enjoyed celebrating the joy and life that we have through Jesus Christ.

We didn’t get to join our friends for the big Easter egg hunt today due to sick children and parents, but Grace did get to enjoy her own egg hunt at home.







Nom nom


Hope you had a happy and blessed day!


The Easter Mouse

We took out the Easter eggs and chocolates this evening, only to discover that we have an Easter mouse.

The Easter Mouse strikes!


So this means a few things,

  1. We have super lazy cats who should not be given food until they present at least four mice each.
  2. War on mice….eating the Easter chocolate is crossing a line.
  3. Lindt chocolate gets the approval of chocolate eating mice. Nothing else was touched, only the bunnies.
  4. There is going to be a hungry, chocolate craving mouse tonight.

This morning Grace made Eli a crown, all on her own. She cut the paper, stapled it, measured his head size, and then put the final staple in. A perfect fit!




A brief snapshot of this week: Sunday, Monday and Thursday Eli has woken up at around about 03h00 and been awake for an hour and a half. Grace has been off colour most of the week which developed into a serious cough, fever and snottiness. She is getting better, but still not looking too good. Fortunately she hasn’t been coughing at night. Eli has now come down with the same thing, but fortunately not as serious as Grace’s.

The reason for that snapshot is so that when everyone is healthy and our children are sleeping through the night and we’ve forgotten all about this week, we can celebrate that these things are temporary and celebrate the joy and blessing of what we have.

Ready to scrum!


Reflections in the oven


Eye of the tiger

Eye of the tiger


In other random news from the day, we had a quick cup of coffee after taking Grace to the doctor (she’ll be fine) and Kobus Wiese taps me on the shoulder and says, “Gee vir daai baba ‘n tieta want hy soog aan jou nek.” (Give the baby a boob, because he’s suckling on you neck)

Quarantine Penguins

Grace has been looking forward to the school outing for some time now, “Are we going to SANCCOB?” And today was finally the day….but the poor noodle was feeling pretty sick today. We did go and she got to meet Rocky the Rockhopper penguin and was even able to give him a stroke (he was apparently “soft like you daddy.”). She really seemed to enjoy it (only the class went in, we had to wait outside), but was done afterwards.

To add to the fun Eli has also come down with the same cold, so we have both of them coughing with snotty noses.

Feeling run down at the end of the day


Two hands

We’ve been working with Grace to get her to be more helpful with the tidying up of the house at the end of the day, and it has actually been going really well. Yesterday she was tidying up and Donné told her to come and get the skipping rope from the lounge. She walks out of her door with both hands full of things she was busy tidying up and says, “I’ve only got two hands.”

Trying on some sneakers for the first time

Trying on some sneakers for the first time

Grace enjoys her brother and sometimes she looks forward to him waking up from a nap. She picks up the monitor and says, “I think I can hear him through the monitor.” Donné says, “No Grace, he is still sleeping.” She listens again, “I can hear something, I think he’s awake.” This time Donné replies, “No Grace, that is just the static because the monitor is turned up.” Pause, “I think he’s awake, I can hear him.”

Grace “I’m the mommy” Drennan putting Tracy to sleep in her Moby

Grace "the mommy" putting Tracy to sleep in the Moby

Old toys

We spent some time over the weekend going through a box of old toys from Gogo and Gramp’s house. I remember having lots of fun racing on the “Rev ‘n Roll Raceway”. Unfortunately we seem to be missing one bike. There was also a Scaletrix track which just needs some cleaning up, board games (with THE original chess set that I learned to play on), and some awesome wooden building things (nuts, bolts, wheels, blocks) that I used to spend hours building with.


Trying out those little legs


All aboard the family train!