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Birds, ladders and baths

What can I say another relaxing day in Jeffrey's.  We went out for breakfast this morning, a short walk on the beach, some sliding down a slide and then the rest of the day was spent relaxing at home.  

After Duncan used the ladder yesterday (to see how many eggs were in the turtle doves nest), Grace decided that ladder climbing would be fun. Since she had done this before at friends of ours, there was no stopping her until she was physically tired of climbing.  Thank you Gramps for having a cool ladder! 


Such a naughty face – and just note I am always unbuttoning my jersey


There is a turtle dove that is nesting outside and Grace has decided it is her bird. She is fascinated with the bird and checks on her at regular intervals during the day.  Yesterday she flew out of the nest for a moment and Duncan lifted Grace up to see if there were any eggs.  When he asked she said yes and "two."   Duncan then had a look and saw that there were indeed two little eggs.


Duncan noticed that the turtle dove was eating food from the nearby bird feeder so they filled the feeder to make sure she didn't get hungry while sitting on her nest 


Putting some seed out for the other birds.  I think Gramps may have found a new little bird feeder helper


Duncan and Grace being silly after a bath



Today was another beautiful day (yay for warm sunny winter days between the cold, wet days) and we spent some more time on the beach, to Graces delight.  While Grace was eating her snack I was pottering around making mini sand castles using the spade as a mould. Duncan and I were trying to figure out what to call my creations when Grace pipes up "shoe" "shoe", so that's what they were.

Duncan giving Grace a pair of lace up sand shoes


Grace modelling her new shoe creations


Just enjoying herself on the beach


Grace was loving being in the water and just wanted to go to the waves.  She was not interested in waiting for them to come to her.


Beach fun

It was a beautiful day and we had some fun on the beach and in the sea. The warmer water makes for a pleasant change from the West Coast.

Fetching some water


Fun in the sand

Kicking a ball (which she is now doing nicely), being bowled over by a massive wave, and splashing fun in the water.

How old are you going to be?

Grace telling us how old she will be (in 9 days). It has been interesting to watch how she has been figuring out putting up two fingers. We tried to teach her a few different ways, but this is the way she has settled on. Although she has it now, it was taking her a few seconds to plan how to hold up only two fingers. For a while she would hold up one, then five, open and close her hand a bit and then very excitedly get to the right position.

Father’s day

It seems that going on holiday might elicit a particular response from Grace – she wakes up in the middle of the night and stays awake for two hours. The last time I can remember her doing something like this was when we were away in Yzerfontein. It went something like this:

02h30…Grace wakes up crying, take her to the toilet, back to sleep. About 30 minutes later, awake again crying….this time a lot more awake than she should be in the middle of the night. Doesn't go back to sleep easily, clearly something wrong. Provide pain medication. Rock for a while. Get a bit wound up that pain medication does not seem to be having an effect. Wifey tells hubby to move cot and baby to our bedroom. Drag cot across to room. At least the guard dogs did not wake up. Then a great struggle ensues. Every time she falls asleep she is down for about 5-10 minutes before waking up crying. Dad blames teeth. Mom worried she is sick. Both are concerned. Struggle continues until somewhere between 04h30 and 05h00. Then after much rocking and walking to and fro, baby asleep. Stays sleeping. Dad sleeping, mom lying awake for at least 30 minutes. Sleep. Wake at 08h00 (at least she slept in a bit). When day sleep time comes, great struggle ensues. Tired baby does not go to sleep. Weary parents. Night time sleep comes, straight to sleep, phew.

I'm guessing Grace is not really into the whole father's day thing.

Grace's artistic rendering of her dad (she made it very clear that this was dad)

Grandpa helping Grace blow bubbles

Puzzle upgrade

Going out with the Grandparents

Today was the first day that we sent Grace out with someone else without us. We have left her with other people before, but have never sent her out while we stayed at home. She went on a short shopping trip with Gogo and Gramps while Donné and I relaxed at home and chatted. Grace really enjoyed her time out with the grandparents (and collected some gifts along the way – thank you!) From the report back she engaged and did the things that she would usually do while out.

It is great that she has been so relaxed and engaged with our families and I'm looking forward to all the grandparents and Keren being here tomorrow.

Grace and I had some fun today flying and jumping off the deck (me holding her, while she stretches her arms forward, then we charge down the deck and jump off the step). The neighbours also brought around a small trampoline which she enjoyed bouncing on – seems like she is working on jumping…

Running on the deck

Everybody poops

Grace settled in today and had some good time with Gogo and Gramps. What was very cool is that Grace got to meet my aunt and uncle Pat & Gary. Being who she is Pat brought along one of her favourite children’s books, “Everybody poops,” which Grace really enjoyed…she enjoyed it so much that we had to read it twice before bed time.

The book is literal, but I think the sentiment, “Everybody poops,” is a life lesson that I may need to teach Grace one day. The lesson would be about how we’re all actually the same. No matter how rich or famous or idolized you are, we all still need to poop.

Donné’s slipper got buried by one of the dogs but Gramps was fortunately able to divine the spot where it had been hidden.

Grace has also been showing signs of jumping over the last few days. Today she was enjoying “jumping” (more like stepping) off the deck outside the house.