Monthly Archives: November 2014

Loom band audience

Grace always loves an audience, so she enjoyed having Stephan and Izelle over today so that she could show them all the things she can do: riding her bike around the pool and down the garden track, doing monkey bars, and teaching Izelle how to make loom bands.


Oh Christmas Tree

We put up our Christmas “dee” (as Eli calls it) today.


G is for Grace


I’m still figuring this out


Grace collected seed pods and pine cones to make into Christmas decorations. She collected them shortly after we moved in, and we finally got to turn them into decorations and hang them on the tree.


The little Christmas Elf


Packing up

DonnĂ© was busy explaining to Eli that Gogo and Gramps are going to be leaving tomorrow. He took this slightly the wrong way and thought that they needed to pack their bags right now and go….so he decided to be a little helper.

Throw things into the bag and push down as hard as possible


Tablet time with Gogo

Grace and Eli getting in their share of media devices for the day


The bouncy ball

Eli has figured out how to bounce on a bouncy ball! He’s bouncing on it….and off of it.

Remember to say your bears

Part of our night time routine is for me to say prayers with Grace. Eli is now officially no longer getting milk at night, so he is now also joining us for prayers. He can’t quite say, “prayers” yet, and so he says something which sounds more like, “bears”. One of the things that I ask every night is what they would like to say thank you for. Eli, knowing that it is prayer time, says, “Bears, bears!” Grace has now cottoned onto this too and also says she would like to say thank you for bears.

So every night we say thank you for the bears.

Toad relocation services

Things have warmed up a bit and the noisy toads are back and making even more eggs.


We managed to catch two pairs who were busy laying toad eggs (lots and lots of toad eggs), as well as a 5th loaner. Off they all went to the water at the end of the street, and the evenings have become much quieter.