Monthly Archives: November 2017

Ballet update

Today was the last ballet lesson and watching day. Grace has really been loving her ballet and I suspect she’ll start doing lessons twice a week next year.

Grace & Natasha have become ballet buddies (they are also in school together)


Grace’s first netball match

Grace played her first netball match yesterday! The team did remarkably well against girls who were about a head taller on average. It was also the team’s first match, so we’ll done to all the girls.

I don’t think anyone was tracking the score, and they played three halves, but it was good fun for everyone.

The team

I did like Grace’s hopping defence tactic as well as her running skip, although I’m not sure how effective either of those were.

Grace really enjoyed the game. They’ve got lots to learn, but they held their own against older and taller girls

Up goes the tree

With Christmas rapidly approaching it’s time to enjoy some of the Christmas spirit with a beautiful tree.

Adam has been a good helper this year

The two older monkey’s have been asking for tree to go up

Addy did love adding some decorations

Our two little boys

These two little boys bring much hammering, clambering, rough play, clowning around, laughter and joy to our lives… And did I mention crazy. 

making magnets

today Eli and I made magnets out of perler beads ( Ironing beads ) it was fun doing it. Eli first did a truck but then he didn’t want to any more so he did the horse . I did the truck and the plane

( by Grace )

Editor: minor edit, Grace’s plane isn’t in this photo (which she took). The planes and butterfly are from another day. The horse is Eli’s and the truck is Grace’s

Down comes the balcony

We’ve had this sinking feeling about our balcony for a while…

The problem is that pretty much all the structural wood is rotting, so it’s been off limits for a while.

When you can see through the beams that hold everything up, it gives you the impression that there may be a problem.

So after Sam did some prep work a few weeks ago taking down the decorative stuff…

…it was time for the rest of it to come down.

We had some helpers (Sam was probably the most effective worker) 

And lots of rotten wood

But now we have loads more natural light into the house. Yes, sure, there are some other…er…minor issues…but definitely lots more light.

And I got a bit dirty

A small skip full of debris, 2/3 of the balcony down, and now lots of reconsideration of our plan to build it again as it was. Back to the drawing board to see what we can do to keep some extra light going into the downstairs area (ideas welcome!)

I’m a monkey

Eli figured it out! He can now do monkey bars. I always love that moment when they realise that they can actually do something that they didn’t think they could.