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Put that on pause

Donné and Grace spent some time watching the rugby this morning, with Grace excitedly going "Ki, Ki" for them to kick the ball some more. The only thing Grace does not enjoy is that the live action can't be paused while she goes to do something else, and she admonishes Donné with "Pau, pau." Donné had to eventually "pause" by switching to a blank blue screen.

Looks like a tense moment.


Basement cat can haz tutuz


Vague instructions

After Grace’s nap today she was walking around in her t-shirt and panties.  She briefly had her pants on but when I looked again they were off.  I told her that if she wanted to go outside she needed to go and put something on her butt, so off she went and returned with a tutu on.  Not quite what I had in mind!  I suppose the moral of the story is don’t give vague / non specific instructions – because you never know what you will get! 


Rice play take two

After a much improved swimming lesson – Grace actually swam with Charlene twice today – we came home and I asked Grace what she wanted to do.  I provided about 5 different options all of which got a big "no" until I asked her, "do you want to play with your kitchen stuff?" This got a definite yes. What I didn't realise at the time, was what she was agreeing to was a re-enactment of yesterdays rice play. So instead of rice Grace had various beans, chickpeas, teabags, bay leaves and some spices (not the best combination cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg – definitely a strong smell). Once again lots of fun!  


Grace loves to practice new skills she is mastering, at the moment I feel she is happiest if she can take off her pants and underwear and run around naked.  She proudly says "nake" once she has her clothes off and usually does what Duncan refers to as a "naked run" around the house.  This afternoon we were playing in the garden and when I was wasn't looking she took off her pants and panties and was standing in the flower bed saying "wee, wee."  I guess it's not only boys that enjoy peeing in the garden 🙂

Rice and peek-a-boo

Grace had lots of fun today, playing/pouring LOTS of rice, beans, tea and cinnamon into various containers and the floor 🙂  A morning of sensory fun.


When I asked Grace what her favourite part of her day was, she said playing peek-a-boo with Karen and Caleb in Caleb’s bed.


Some stories and an update

Just two small stories about Grace and a business update from me.

This morning Grace woke up saying mom-ee, mom-ee. She usually just says mom, so I was a little bit surprised. When I went to her she just kept saying mom-ee, mom-ee, then sat up after a short while and said kitty. With that she jumped off the bed, trundled through to our bedroom, climbed onto the bed and started pulling the duvet off mom-ee. And then I twigged – she was looking for mom-ee's Hello Kitty underwear, and on a mission to see if she had them on this morning.

One of the exercises we have been given by the speech therapist is a bunch of two syllable sounds to get Grace to practice (like baba, bobo, babo, etc.) Grace was going through them quite well, and then they got to mama. Donné would say, "mama," and Grace would say, "mom." And so it went, mama, mom, mama, mom, mama, mom…and then they moved on.

The last month and a bit has been quite phenomenal for my business. There have been numerous enquiries (most of them being solid leads with excellent potential), and I have managed to secure some of that work already. Each week seems to bring more opportunities. It is really amazing, and we have been blessed with all these opportunities. At the same time I am already working flat out to try to keep up with all the work I have, as well as pushing hard to land as many deals as possible. The real challenge in all of this is that I have realised that I need to change the vision that I have had for the business. Up until a few days ago I always pictured working from home and building relationships with other people in a similar position so that the load of the work could be shared. I realised recently that it really looks like I will need to employ people sooner rather than later. It is a total mind shift from one vision to figuring out how a different one looks. It is exciting, but it also takes a lot to figure out exactly what the new vision is.

Vida bunny

Hiding the bunny in the cupboard at Vida is so much fun! It was so much fun we should review the video the next day – first unlock the phone, then select the camera, select the gallery and find the video….

Braai-itage day

We joined in the Heritage Day celebrations with a braai, and being the beautiful day that it was Grace had some time to play in the water (which she just loves).


Dishing up some potato salad


What's a braai without camping chairs?