Monthly Archives: November 2011

Nightly rituals

After Duncan has done his night time routine with Grace I go in for our cuddle, favourite part of the day and singing ritual.  In the last few weeks Grace requests a "back scratch" while you sing to her.  Our repertoire of songs has increased from  just Silent Night, Jesus love me and Amazing Grace to Rudolph the red nose reindeer, Jesus loves the little children, Mr Sun, and Raindrops keep falling on my head.  In general I limit the songs to 3 or 4 otherwise I could be singing for a very long time.

Tonight while singing and giving Grace a back scratch I gave her tummy a little rub for a few seconds before continuing with the back scratch.  Grace promptly grabbed my hand and moved it to her stomach.  Once I had finished singing she turned to me and says "mommy rub tummy more" I guess that probably means a new feature in our nightly rituals.  When adding new features to bed time rituals it is always imperative that you share the information with your spouse to avoid any mis-communication between you and your daughter, for example it is difficult to know what to sing when the request is "new song" 🙂     

Jumping day

Grace jumped a lot today. She woke up and stared out the window at her trampoline, and was out jumping in her nightie this morning. At the end of the day the last thing she did before bath time was to jump on the trampoline.


It was sad to say goodbye to Gogo & Gramps today as they left to get home. Grace really loved her time with them and we won't see them again until next year. We are very blessed to have parents who love us so much (both sets).

A day of things Grace loves

Grace got to enjoy a lot of things that she loves today. A trip to Stodels to see the animals, sushi for lunch, playing in water and on her jungle gym, jumping on the trampoline that Gogo & Gramps bought for her, and spending time with Gogo & Gramps through all of it.

"Grace, what was your favourite part of the day?"
"Gogs, Gamps"
"Was there anything else you enjoyed in your day?"
"Sushi, leen, both" ("leen" being her trampoline)

Morning Gogs

Gogo and Gramps arrived today and Grace has been loving seeing them. Gogo fell asleep on the couch, so Gramps told Grace to leave her alone and not disturb her. Grace was really good about it and was quiet and did not disturb Gogo, but she did keep looking back to check if Gogo was still asleep. The moment Gogo opened her eyes the first thing out of Grace's mouth was, "Morning Gogs!"

Gogo and Gramps doing obligatory swing duty.


Moving around

Grace is in her new room with just one sleep left before Gogo and Gramps arrive. We have been shifting our house (well, our furniture and stuff that is) around today and doing some long overdue spring cleaning in the process. I do not think we have had a proper spring clean since before Grace was born, so we are enjoying the catharsis of the process.

At one point in the day Grace was sitting watching Clamber Club while we got on with the various things that need to happen and she passed out on the couch. Our immediate reaction is to worry if she is sick, because we can count the number of time she has fallen asleep like that on one hand, but she seemed to just be pooped.

An awkward couch nap with Coco


It is quite incredible how the changes affect the whole feel and flow of the house. There is now a much greater sense of space, and we all enjoy walking out the back and into the garden. The granny flat (office) is still a work in progress, but we're getting there.

Donné bought Grace some beautiful decals to make her room a little girl room


“Gracie help me”

Grace has always been a great little helper but in the last few weeks she wants to help with everything.  Today after doing some grocery shopping she unpacked the bag while I was busy with something else and when I later asked her where she had put the bananas she promptly replied "in the cub" – meaning the cupboard.

When she wants to help you with something she always says "Gracie help me" and then I reply "you want to help me?" and she says "yes". Ah the English language can be confusing sometimes.

Gracie helping mommy clean out the linen cupboard


Tap your toe

Grace loves watching videos of her cousin Kaiya, so she always gets much joy when her Aunt Annie posts new ones. One of the videos that Grace really loves is of a part of a dance/movement class that Annie runs. Annie tells the children to, "Tap your toe," then later, "Faaaaast, jump!" Every now and then Grace bursts into "Tap toe, tap toe," and does her routine.

We would really like to get Grace into a kids dance/movement class, but don't know of any in Cape Town. If you do happen to know of one, then please let us know.