Two years ago, at 04h30 in the morning Grace was born. The last two years have been an amazing journey and it has been a privilege to have Grace as a part of our lives. She has changed us and helped us to grow so much, and it has been (and is) exciting to see her develop.

Happy birthday Grace – I look forward to spending many more with you. May God bless you and grow you into a woman after His own heart. May you be filled with love, compassion and wisdom. May you live a long and healthy life filled with happiness. I love you my little one.

Opening presents on the bed this morning


Birthday outfit


The weather was bad so we could not go to the park, but we could do something else Grace loves – eat sushi! She was quite adamant that she wanted sushi when she was presented with the options – any other meal choice got a definite "No," while sushi got a vigorous "Yes!" She then proceeded to eat about 8 pieces of maki and California roll before we had to stop her from eating all of our sushi.


Aunt Annie sent a beautiful tutu birthday present all the way from the USA. Tutus are good for all activities – playing with playdough, pegboards, spinning around the washing line, and picking chillies.


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