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The lady bird cometh!

Friday's is show and tell, and Grace wanted to be a lady bug…so we caught some ladybugs from the garden (we have a bush which they love) and sent them off too.


Also note the t-shirt Donné made for her…


When I fetched Grace from school today she did not want to leave, too busy having fun with her friends. Emma, Catelin and Grace have a little trio going.


Water girl

I was out from early this morning until after 19h00 and Donné and Eli have picked up a stomach bug. Luckily my little girl was very well behaved and also concerned about mommy bringing her her water and saying, "You've got to drink so you can get healthy mama."

Good thing I've got her to look after everyone.


Eli has started "talking" to us. There is a certain sound, "ah-goo" which he seems to love, smiles for and then tries to copy, making happy baby noises while he smiles away.

Hard questions

"Why do we miss people?"

"Why did Simba's daddy die?"

"Where do we go when we die?"

Those were some of the questions Grace was asking today. The first one came from missing Gogo, and the other two from watching The Lion King (not even the whole thing, just the songs, but that led to other discussions). And this is how one of the interactions went,

G: "Daddy, are you going to heaven?"
D: "Well, we believe that when we die we're going to heaven."
G: "Can I go with you daddy?"
D: "Yes, but I'll go ahead and get everything ready for you."
G: "Want to go with you daddy!" (tears)
D: "Grace, it's going to be a VERY very long time before any of us goes to heaven." (not helping)

Erm. Well, ummm. Hmmm, need more practice at these conversations.

Phone chats

Grace has discovered talking on the phone. Over the weekend Granny called and Grace had a fat chat with her, sung some songs for her, then sung a song for Grandpa and would have been quite happy to keep on talking.

Today she had a 15 minute chat with Gogo telling her all about the weekend and listening to Gogo's stories about the birds and the dogs.

It is interesting to hear her offering free information, like telling Gogo about the hadedahs which have moved into our back yard.

The only thing she struggles with a bit is that she wants to show the other person things (like Christmas decorations) and doesn't quite get that they can't see them.

Keeping busy with the D’s

We kept ourselves busy this weekend….and I think we wore the baby out….

Macaroons with Keren


Decorating the Christmas tree



Photo shoot in the cute clothes that Aunty Annie made for them


After a long wait, Grace finally got to ride a horesy

Watch on Posterous

Super cute

Grace loves it when Eli smiles at her, or even just vaguely in her direction. She says (in her super high pitch squeaky voice), "He smiled at me! Babies are sooo cuuute."

A happy little chap

I took Eli to the doctor this afternoon as a follow up on his reflux and skin which have not really improved. Although we've been to the doctor a couple of times, this was the first time since Eli's birth that our paediatrician was seeing him. While he was lying there being examined Eli starts giving the doctor these big beautiful smiles and Rudolf says, "You certainly are a happy little baby." And it certainly feels that way – as long as he's not hungry and the reflux is not bothering him he is quite a chill little baby.

In other news Donné spotted my first few grey hairs.

Little Drennan’s


So clever

Grace was playing a game on our new tablet today (courtesy of our amazingly generous and gracious parents) and says, "I'm getting so clever to do this." One of the joys of being three is that you don't need to worry about being modest.