Monthly Archives: September 2013

Monday fun-day

With some beautiful weather it was time to be outside…

Trampoline hair! Bazinga


Snacks in the garden


You know it is summer when the sand and water table comes out



And a little while back we made a deal about shifting out the public holiday, so today – on the last day of the holidays – we also got to enjoy a family breakfast out, and an awesome trip to the aquarium.


On the way back from the party yesterday Eli fell asleep in the car. Grace decided she wanted to sleep next to him, so this is her faking a sleep next to him.


Bath buddies


Modelling her new outfit from Gogo


Jacks’ pirate party

Happy birthday Jacko!

After walking the plank across a pool of water, jumping off was one of the best parts


Shooting water balloons at the pirate ship drawn on a trampoline target




Digging for treasure in the chest filled with sand (and hidden sweets)…although by the time these two were digging the sweets were long gone


The birthday boy excited before blowing out the candles


The treasure cake which spewed Astros and jelly beans when cut open, much to the delight of the children, who dove right in and grabbed the “treasure”


There was also an awesome dad’s defend the treasure (box of kinderjoy) while children attack with water balloons raid, and a treasure hunt for chocolate coins hidden throughout the garden.

Climbing and other things

Eli’s latest trick is that he can climb in and out of the sandpit, and now he is trying to apply his new skill to whatever he finds that might work…

…and he loves flopping down on cushions left on the ground.

Story time with Aunty Mel at the friends get together


The little-ees having some fun together


Eli and the worm

Getting some love from the worm that Caleb lent Eli


God is in me

DonnĂ© was praying with Grace and said to her, “I’m going to say sorry to God for not spending enough time with him.” So Grace answers, “But God is in me….and you spend lots of time with me.”

And in other news from Grace she says, “When I’m older I’ll give my children a kinderjoy, and I’ll have a kinderjoy too.”

Braai day

Grace: It’s been a long time since we braaied!
Grace: It’s been a long time since we had carrot salad!
Grace: It’s been a long time since we had potato salad!
Grace: Nom, nom, nom


Jip, Braai Day and Grace was happy as a cricket and devoured her food.

A happy braai nosher