Monkey bars

Adam has been asking to hang from the monkey bars, which he does for a short while, then drops down to be caught. Now he has figured out that he can do this thing on his own (and even lifts his legs up)

Tyler and André

We got to celebrate Tyler and Andre’s birthday and enjoy a beautiful time with our close friends. Always a good time with the Fredricks. 

Ty’s doughnut cake 

Yay for the other birthday boy! 

Toenails and winter time 

Ah, come on mom – if you open this for me I’ll make your toenails really pretty…. 

Eli is having a winter moment – he wants to wear his winter pyjamas and light a fire…not too long now my boy 

The boys are wrestling and Grace is reading…i have a feeling we’ll see this repeated a few times 

Grace’s Valentine

Grace embraced Valentines day this year – making cards, sorting out flowers for the dinner table and eating chocolates.

Flowers and leaves from the garden for the dinner table, and she insisted on a candle too.


Water, some sort of colouring, bicarb and vinegar – that is how she made her beautiful Valentines day card.


Feeling the love 

Siblings may have their challenges, but one thing is for sure, Adam is loved by both his older siblings. 

They finally meet! 

The last time the Salzwedels and the Drennans hung out was at Eli’s 3rd birthday and since then quite a few things have happened, with the largest of those being the births of Adam and Peter. Today, after far too long a wait, we all got to meet each other, and what a glorious day it was hanging out and enjoying each others’ company. 

Adam was looking for a hug on the way out 

Addy and the fishies

Adam has taken on the role of official fish feeder. He loves to drop the pellets in, one at a time, really slowly, while watching the hungry fish wiggle around in anticipation as they wait for one to reach them. Eventually he does throw the rest of the food in, and the fishies are happy. After that he starts taking water out of the pond with the fish food cup and goes to water the garden…. 


Addy likes to put his arm through things like he is putting a handbag over his shoulder, look back, wave and say, “‘ye!” (as in bye!) The thing is, he uses just about anything, handbags, shoes, even lawnmowers…. 


Donné put together some OT tasks for Eli so that he can work on his numbers and finding the right word for each number. The one he really got into was threading a number – check the concentration! 

Addy was watching….. 

Doggie love

Getting to the doctors rooms requires walking through their large garden, going to look at the balls in the garden and getting some doggie love. 

Adam was just going for a follow up appointment to check if his ear had cleared out. What has happened since last week is that the grommets have fallen out, so we’re hoping he has matured enough that his ears aren’t an issue. Time will tell…