The chair monkey 

Adam was going round and round, just repeating this over and over again – our little chair monkey. 

The bat song

Eli has been learning new songs and even learning some of them in Afrikaans….

Here are the words (Afrikaans and English versions):

Vlermuis slaap nou,
vlermuis slaap nou,
hou nie van die dag nie,
hou nie van die dag nie,
hy jag snags.
Bats are sleeping,
bats are sleeping,
upside down,
upside down.
Sleeping in the morning sun,
waiting for the night to come,
then he flies around.

Last day of summer 

The last day of summer came with a wave of heat and a a super calm day over False Bay. We headed out in the late afternoon to explore the beaches of Gordon’s Bay, have a picnic supper and enjoy some time together

Clambering on the beach rocks

The sea had a flat Mediterranean feel about it

Team wet, team dry 

The Minimetsi’s came for a play date today and for one activity they broke up into teams to tackle the task together. Anna and Eli were on the dry team, with Grace and Nyasha in the wet team – cupcake baking, it’s a team sport. 

Unfortunately in the background the Micrometsi (George who is 9 months old) had Adam tackling her and pulling her hair, and two parents who didn’t know how to stop him from being a ruffian. 

Pancakes and potties 

Grace made some pancakes with the help of her trusty assistant 

Addy discovered a new time for reading

The milk tart cake

Donné made a cake which is pretty much the cake equivalent of a milk tart – the icing has milk tart filling mixed into it! It was for a birthday celebration for Stephanie and Andrea (two of the teachers from school), and was very well received by all. Personally I really loved the look of this cake – it has a very sophisticated look (and was delicious to eat). 


Up! It is a somewhat magical word in our house. Something simple that a young child can really use to get their message across. The thing is, for us, Grace was over two and required a fair amount of speech therapy before she said it. Eli, I’m not really sure, but he was definitely older.

Adam, on the other hand, he is sprouting new words everyday – he seems to be having a growth spurt with his speech…and yes, he can now ask to go, “Up!”

Brothers on their bikes

Adam has been getting better and better at riding the little pink bike and tiny firetruck. Today he got to have some riding time with Eli who was home after a doctors visit to try and clear his blocked up ears.

Eli’s hug card

A little while back Eli didn’t hug me before going into class, and was apparently upset, so he set about making a “hug” card. Two hands, traced from his and cut out, stuck onto a card and able to flap so that they can hug you. It is a really sweet card that he made for me, and I love it.



Grace created a game over the weekend – Move-O!


It is a simple, move around the board and do the action on the block game. You have to roll the exact number to win. In her words, “The ladders are really cool because you can go up or down them,” i.e. land on the top and you go down, land on the bottom and up you go.

She made little playing pieces to move around the board, and then Eli and Grace played a couple of games and had good fun doing it. We’ll have to add it to our next games night.

Game time!


This was the draft version which got neatened up a bit