Splashing splatters

Back home, which means bicycles in the street and fun riding through some water after the rain

Playing through

We’ve had a life goal of making it through a round of JBay putt-putt since Donné’s birthday 2yrs ago. That was when Adam tripped and split his head open during our last game.

So we set off with high hopes on our final day of holiday.

Eli was, well….let’s just say he didn’t start well. By the third hole he was grumping and moaning big time. I had gotten tense with this whole situation and then decided to make sure I didn’t let his attitude drag me down, when he turns to Donné and says (angry and grumpy), “Adam ruined it for us last time, so I’m going to run it for us this time.”

That very nearly resulted in him being taken home, but we all took a deep breath and remembered that sometimes he just needs a moment to calm. He and Donné are similar that way – it is often best to just let them take some time to cool off. So we left him alone and a few holes later he was actually playing with us (not zooting off ahead) and we had a good time.

Round of putt-putt complete with no injuries incurred.


The sunglasses gang

The longer the book, the more likely it is that story time ends like this

Things to be grateful for

Adam has been complaining about the sun in his eyes when we’re in the car so we went in search of some sunglasses for all the children. We found a pair for Adam and Grace in one shop, but had to go looking elsewhere for Eli’s.

We found a pair for Eli and on the way to the till Adam spots these bouncy balls with flashy lights inside of them and really wants one. We’d just spent money on sunglasses for them and said no, which made him super unhappy, but that is just how it goes sometimes.

We always pray together in the evenings and mostly we say thank you for the blessings of the day. Tonight I say to Adam, “What do you want to say thank you for?” He says, “I’m not going to say thank you because I didn’t get the glow in the dark ball.” So I say, “Well, you did get sunglasses and we can’t take them back now.” And he’s like, “I’ll take the sunglasses back and use my jacket to cover my eyes.”

Oh the poor sweet boy, he is just so desperate for that R15 ball….I’m pretty sure he’ll end up with one tomorrow.

Eli has been waiting for this game of chess these holidays

I’m starting to think I’m really bad at teaching chess – poor Eli was in tears at the end. He played a really good game, I gave him lots of help and many chances to rethink moves. But still tears at the end. I think it was partly because he realised there was no way to win, but we still had some moves to make before the final check mate. Those last few moves seemed to destroy his will to live.

A boy and his beanie

Eli started knitting a beanie with the help of Gogo and Granny. He spent the greater part of two days knitting row after row and yesterday he finished it.

He was super chuffed with his finished beanie and wanted to sleep with it on last night.

Granny and Grandpa went back to PE yesterday so we went for a cuppa and some games at First Light Coffee before they left.

Adam is loving playing games with us. Even when he can’t play the game independently he will happily play in your team, as an assistant….however it is important that he picks the winning team otherwise their are some tears and grumping.

A game of Spot It with dad, while Eli knits away

After we said goodbye we headed to the park for some swinging, merry-go-round and making of “fires”

Sticks, dry leaves and a flint and we are ready to make a fire

Staying upwind

Grace and Adam made jelly…..some of it even made it to the fridge.

Gogo and I caught a bird together

Granny and Adam played some Zingo

And we went for a hike (remembering to stay upwind when necessary)

The big 10 for Grace

After having Grace give us an update daily for the last week of the number of sleeps to her birthday, today was the day.

It was an early start for everyone this morning with excitement running high and I can truly say Grace wasn’t disappointed. At bedtime tonight she told me that it was her best birthday ever. I think celebrating with family is a special way to turn 10.

Grace got a karaoke machine and well let’s just say we had loud music from early this morning with plenty of singing and dance moves.

The Camelbak she has been wanting for ages was a complete surprise for her and she excitedly tried it on, blew the whistle and filled the water pack.

Grace wanted to go for waffles today so we headed to….

Everyone had lots of fun and ate some delicious sweet and savoury waffles. The boys and Grace had fun playing in the play area and eating waffles.

Eating yummy waffles

Granny and Grandpa had savoury waffles and after Grace tasted theirs she says that her next waffle is definitely going to be savoury.

Always fun to be had with my brother…Well most of the time

The captain and the lifeguard

Lifeguards on duty under the sea in a secret cave

Fun with the grandparents

Because the birthday girl needs photos with everyone

Yes you have clowns for brothers but they love you

And clowns for parents and yes we too love you very much our Gracie Grace

This afternoon Gogo, Grace, Duncan and I played Grace’s new game Ticket to Ride which was lots of fun for all of us. The birthday girl won!

Let’s (finally) fly a kite

We’ve never quite been successful at flying a kite. We haven’t tried too many times, but we decided to give it a go again…..and…..success!

Gentle breeze, good kite, happy everyone.

We also had a good time drinking coffee and playing Uno and Monopoly Deal at First Light – it is awesome that Eli can now join in (and he plays really well, with only a small amount of maniacal laughter when putting down +2’s and +4’s)

Daddy & daughter

Grace took me out on a coffee date – a father’s day treat. We haven’t really had time to just be together for a while – the reality of having a 3yr old who needs quite a bit of attention as well as all the needs of 3 other people means that things don’t always work out for individual time.

Hot chocolate for Grace and espresso for me

Plus some bonus vanilla cookie crumble ice cream….nom nom nom

It was good time just chilling and chatting and laughing together.

We discovered a palm frond planted in the sand

Ice skating

We had a fun morning ice skating. Grace has been once before, but this was Adam and Eli’s first time. Eli loved it, Adam had loads of fun and everyone was knackered and hungry afterwards. We’ll see whose muscles are the most tired tomorrow…..

If you watch this video, don’t worry, this sing won’t get stuck inside your head (thanks Lego movie 2)

Can it be too cold for Sushi?

It has been a beautifully cold and rainy day in Jeffreys Bay. As I lie here writing this post it is pouring outside.

Today was definitely a slow kind of a day with a game of Zingo, the Lego movie, some shuffle board, and some more games.

We got Zingo for Grace’s 5th birthday and this game has brought so much joy to our family.

Shuffle board mini version….dad vs Grace

Today I made rye bread for the first time ever. Duncan used to make Rye bread for us all the time a couple of years back, but as life got busy he stopped. I have been wanting to get into the habit of making homemade bread, so today was as good a day as ever.

Kids loved the bread! I will definitely be making it on a regular basis.

We ended our chilled day by having early birthday sushi! We concluded that it’s never too cold for Sushi!