If you’re happy…

The 3rd tooth

Adam has finally cut his third tooth today! He is certainly taking his time to slowly push them out. 

Sister cuddles 

10 months

Adam is 10 months old today – we’ll wipe our eyes and he’ll be a year old.


He is considering a career in fire fighting


And, as always, he is deeply loved by his siblings (and parents)!



Down the steps

And now Adam has mastered going down the steps too, making our home a much safer place.

Library club

A while back we ran into some friends from school at the library, and then it happened again and again – our Saturday library trips seem to line up. So today we organised a library trip and then on into a playdate and lovely relaxed day getting to know some new friends. 

Lots of time and effort went into the end of day show 

Boys and toys 

Trucks and balls and golf clubs – these are the things boys are made out of…..with an occasional pink car too.

Having some fun with Matt. 

Two sleepy boys

I try to lead by example 

Mud pie

These two got very muddy  today. When I came in from work Grace was in her panties busy scrubbing her clothes in the scullery, and Eli was waiting to wash his very muddy hands. 

Zoey’s computer 

Eli was loving playing on the computer that Zoey made for him – it even came with a mouse 

Going out to the aquarium

Grace, Tayla and Nyasha organised a “going out” to the aquarium to learn more about the oceans, and Grace seemed to have a brilliant time. Apparently she was the tour guide and everyone discovered new things with her leading the way.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-15 at 22.02.13.jpeg

We bought her an annual pass, so she had to go to the office and collect it, which involved having a photo taken. Grace shows me her card and asks what “This card is not transferable” means. So I explain that it means that only she can use it. She looks at it and says, “Well, Graeme [Tayla’s dad] is there in the background of my photo, so that means he can use it too! Hehehe.” Funny girl.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-15 at 22.01.54.jpeg