Monthly Archives: November 2016

Addy found a comfy reading spot in the toddler class today while we greeted new parents 

And these crazies, “take a photo dad!” Happy, Gappy and Sappy. 

The secret way

Adam loves to climb and the stairs have a great appeal, so we installed a simple gate to prevent any unsupervised climbing. As a quick way to get around it, Eli uses his “secret way” to circumvent the gate and goes through two of the bars that are wider on the banister. Adam has clearly been watching, and biding his time….

Cleaning and messing

While the one is hard at work finding things to remove from drawers and spread over as great an area as possible….


…the other one is hard at work cleaning.


Addy’s first decoration

The Christmas tree is up! It was on Grace and Eli’s todo list for the weekend, and up it went today, with much love, joy and decorating fun. Grace and Eli decided they wanted to decorate the tree, and they did an excellent job of it.

We’ve started a tradition where we buy or make a decoration for each of them each year, and Adam got to hang his first decoration today.




Library time

Grace has become a voracious reader so regular trips to the library are needed to keep feeding the reading machine. Eli also likes to stock up on new story books and was super happy to find baskets of Christmas stories, so we brought a number of those home too. Fortunately we have a lovely library here in Somerset West.


The Toothless Nightmare


Grace lost her other front tooth yesterday, leaving her now waiting for her two front teeth for Christmas.

Stats and skills

Time to weigh in…in the red corner we have:

  • Grace, weighing in at 24kg
  • Eli, weighing in at 18kg
  • and last, but not least, Adam, weighing in at 13kg.

Adam also continues to learn useful skills like opening a door and bashing more things (just harder this time).