Monthly Archives: August 2016

A most unexpected surprise 

A courier arrived with a delivery from takealot yesterday, and I was like, “but we didn’t order anything.” Yes, I was right, but there was a surprise birthday gift in there for me. 

After some assembly it was time to break in the new gas braai with an American style BBQ. Thanks mom and dad for the wonderful surprise. 

Cranky professor

The poor little guy is sick with a congested nose (along with his brother), but still manages to pull off the cranky, crazy professor look. 

Dance moves

Grace and Eli had been dancing in the playroom, and then gone off leaving Adam behind. I went to check on him and found him bopping around to the music.


We had a bootnic after a good ride at the bicycle track.

Grace’s riding is getting so much stronger, and it seems to be in part due to the riding she is doing at school in her mountain biking extra mural which she is really enjoying. 


Adam decided the weir looked like a nice splash pool 

Grace and Eli took some time to cool off while taking a ride through Radloff Park

The gold medal (and the other medal)

Finn was awarding medals….

If you’re happy…