Monthly Archives: January 2017

Sleepy, swinging Adam

An early start, a slightly snotty nose, and swing time turned into nap time. 

Let’s put on a show

Grace and Eli got ready to practice their dancing show… 

3 in the shell 

Everyone decided to join Adam for some rice play in the shell 

Addy’s growl

If you were walking in the forest and you heard this sound coming from a bush it would probably be terrifying. Turns out it is only the call of the cute cuddle baby. 

The dancing baby

Adam has decided it is fun to push the button on his music block and then do a little jig.


Currently Grace is 129cm tall and Eli is 108cm. Grace weighs 24kg, Eli is 18kg and Adam is 14kg.

Adam now has 10 teeth, with more molars getting ready to push through at the bottom. 

Grace has 7 of her adult teeth and is busy cutting her permanent molars. She went for her first checkup today, and according to the dentist she has strong, healthy teeth.

Sky watching 

Grace and Eli setup an outside bed this morning as part of their game and to do a bit of sky gazing