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Some comments

Grace, while sitting on the toilet playing with her phone, "Want to look at my Facebook please."

Grace, while we were eating sweet potato soup for supper, "Want some yoghurt, and want some…..want some of those leaves," referring to the coriander which was still in the fridge.

Hairdresser to me, "Do you flat iron your hair?" Flat iron?!? Really? So which guys out there are flat ironing their hair?

Some moments captured this week

Playing with Duncan in the "submarine"  They also enjoyed eating some cake in their submarine


Making sure all her friends had plenty of tea to drink


Today Keren and I were sitting at the table working on our computers.  Grace decided she wanted to join us at the table but insisted, that while she watched videos on the phone, that she sit on a little chair – an Alice in Wonderland moment  


Singing in the rain

Grace playing with her new umbrella and singing “umbrella / singing in the rain” – a glee rendition  


Feeding teddies

This afternoon Grace spent about 2 hours playing with her rice, stove, chopping fruit, teddies and various other kitchen things.   Each teddy (+/- 10 of then) was asked if they wanted some rice to eat, to which they answered "yes." She then cooked each one a cup of rice, which was salted and fed to them.  When she had tired of feeding one she would ask the teddy if they had had enough to eat to which they diligently all said yes.

I was also given lots of "cooked" rice and had her laughing with pure delight when I would blow on my "hot"rice to cool it down and send the rice flying in all directions.

At one stage I went to get dinner started and was urgently call backed to her room.  When I asked what the problem was she told me that Pingüino (Grace's penguin water bottle) was "very naughty not want to eat her rice.  What to do?" So I suggested that she tell Pingüino that she needed to eat 2 more mouthfuls and then she could have some strawberries.  I carried on with what I was doing and a few minutes later Grace came into the kitchen "Mama Pingüino ate all her rice, get strawberries" I felt really privileged to be able to sit, watch and play with my little girl. 


Happy birthday and other words

Grace hasn't ever really sung, but at lunch today she decided it was time to start singing happy birthday and to keep at it. In a kind of monotone, off key voice she sun, "Happy birthday to mommy, happy birthday to mommy," and just kept going. It is really exciting for us, because it is the first time she has wanted to sing and we all joined in and she kept going. It is great and we are really interested to see how long it takes before she starts to pick up a tune.

She also recently started to say, "Mama, papa," which on paper looks really arbitrary, but it is the way she is saying it that makes us laugh. In one of the Dora episodes there is a penguin which wants to go home to the South Pole to its, "Mama, Papa." Being Dora, the penguin says it in a Spanish sort of way and Grace says it exactly like the penguin, kind of like, "Mamaah, papaah." Today she extended it to, "Mamaah, papaah, aunty." She has also started counting the stars in Spanish.

It is her ability to copy that is interesting. She is now really good and really fast at copying words, and there is often an echo in the room while we're having a conversation. It is something that she didn't do at the "normal" time, and yet another sign of how much her speech has improved.

Draw money!

We were getting ready to go out and one of the things we needed to do was get some money. We’re busy packing things, and Grace is pottering around. Suddenly she excitedly hops through to the kitchen, holding up a pencil and says (with absolute delight, like she has found the solution to some difficult problem), “Draw money, draw money!”

Oh you clever little thing….illegal, but smart.

Detailed scan

I love the 20 week detailed scan. Each little finger, each little toe, heart chambers, nerve connections, everything – each little part is checked. It is wonderful to see our little boy and that he is 100% healthy, a true blessing. It is also a reminder of how wonderfully made we are.

Hi everyone!