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Eli started judo today. He’s been wanting to do karate, but it is only judo that takes them from his age. He was very excited about it, but he was a bit sick today so I wasn’t sure if he should go. He really wanted to, so I took him, but he did take some strain in the middle. The sensei was really good with him and he came out of his first class saying he wants to do judo forever. He was super excited that he leant how to throw someone….

Rainbow rain, peppermint tart and gaming fun

We had a really good time on Sunday hanging out with special friends, eating well together and having our first round of the board game Haig and his brother have been developing (which was loads of good fun). So much fun we forgot to take photos…so no one will ever know if it really happened.

We did get to eat yummy peppermint tart dessert that Donné made


And our kids did have a good time together making “rainbow rain,” which is water, shaving foam and food colouring.

Big bike rides

We decided to go for a ride at the bike track, but also to ride there instead of taking the car. This meant 2km there and 2km back, negotiating roads and cars, as well as having to come back up the long hill. We had a brilliant ride and we all enjoyed it. Eli mastered his brakes today which made the whole ride much better for him. Both of them worked hard at the bike track to go up the hills, and there was only some moaning from Grace about how she wanted me to get mom to come and fetch us on the way home. We took it slow, but I was very happy that we managed to get all the way home on our own.

Geo caching bug

The geo caching bug has bitten the Drennan family, so off we went to find one near our home.

Eli found it this time



Addy’s head is healing nicely. With the plasters off you can see how deep it was, but it is gradually closing up.


Blow it out

Adam, our child who will one day actually be able to blow out his own birthday candles…

Reads and kitty love 

A few final holiday photos

Reading the with Gogo 

Getting some Chipski love 

Swinging back home

We’re back home safely after making sure we tested the swings at all the stops along the way

At La Belle in Riversdale

A swing inside a section of concrete pipe at Old Nick

Fortunately a safe and uneventful journey home after a good break.