Monthly Archives: March 2016

Bunny bunch

Shortly before Easter we received a package from Aunty Annie with soft bunnies for each of the children, and all three of them have taken to these bunnies. They are “so soft,” and Grace & Eli are enjoying cuddling them at night. Thank you Aunty Annie!


Prince Sophia


Eli comes down the stairs and Donné says, “Oh my, you look like a princess my boy.” Eli stands proud and says, “I not a princess, I Sophia.”

Bunny boy


Before Easter Grace really wanted us to go to the shops so that we could buy some Lindt bunnies. As far as I knew Donné had already surreptitiously organised some of them, so I said to her, “Grace, I’m sure mommy has organised with the Easter bunny to get some of those.”

Grace, getting upset about this says, “But the Easter bunny is not real! Mommy must have organised with Takealot.”

Family photo fun

Having fun getting some family photos




First chocolate

The first thing Grace and Eli discovered this morning were the two Easter bunnies hiding in their bedroom, and that set off the hunt for the rest of the eggs hidden through the house.

Some of the spoils


Adam also had his first taste of Easter today when he managed to break into an Easter egg to get a little bit of chocolate.


Gyro Grace and the Science Centre

We took a family outing to the Cape Town Science Centre today and had lots of fun. Eli spent the entire time in the building section, and Grace did a bit more exploring. It was definitely lots of fun for all of us, with lots of exploring still to do in the future.

Gyro Grace (she says this was her favourite part)

Eli the builder – he just zooted around collecting bricks and directing his “team”


When you’re a head, stay a head


Watch out for that back pressure

Big chess with dad (and the monkey on his back)




Grace and Eli decided that Adam needed a sensory exfoliating scrub