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Suit up! It’s New Year’s!

Happy New Year to you all, and always remember, when in doubt, suit up!


Adam is 10 weeks old today


Eli had me laughing with his quick reply today. He was showering and says, “I’m Santa!” and did a step/jump to the side and slipped a bit (without falling), so I say, “Are you okay? Watch out, the shower is slippery.”

He quickly replied (continuing with the theme of his game), “It’s ice. Ho ho ho, merry Christmas!”

Cooling off

Sprinklers and pools, whatever it takes to cool down…



Colouring, slippy, slidy fun

Colouring partners…..”Gogo, can I colour in your book?”


Slip ‘n slide fun


The gentlest pillow fight

DonnĂ© and Eli were having a pillow fight, and Eli thought Adam should join in…


Chatty hiccups

Adam has discovered his voice in the last two days and is making lots of little “chatty” sounds. He is mimicking sticking his tongue out, and starting to echo some of the sounds we’re making.

Christmas photo roundup

Opening presents


Playing with presents – Lego and kinetic sand got quite a bit of time


Testing out her new roller skates


Lego is always loads of fun. Eli and I built a hangar to park his aeroplane, as well as a tower, and observation deck.


Adam’s first Christmas gift was a Sophie the Giraffe.


Merry Christmas!


To get family selfie, have everyone say, “Crazy family!”

A blessed Christmas to everyone, and we hope your day was filled with love and smiles.

We had a good peaceful day with our families, with lots of smiles and good time together.

The only bump was poor Eli waking up this morning and crying because he didn’t see Santa, and then having a second bump because he wanted roller skates like his sister too (but he did really enjoy all the gifts he received).