Monthly Archives: April 2014

Now you see me…


…and now you don’t!


Two spoons of sugar

Grace was helping make tea for Gogo and Gramps and Donné says to Grace, “Gramps has two spoons of sugar.” Grace quickly grabs two spoons and gives them both to Gramps.

Playing with the water while waiting for sushi


Blue toenails

First Gogo’s toenails get done…


…and then Eli’s


Up on the jungle gym with Gogo


Chocolately goodness

Grace and Donné made some delicious chocolate cake to help pass the time while waiting for Gogo and Gramps to arrive, and then partook of the chocolately goodness.


Hands up or I shoot you with the chocolate gun again!


Up in the castle

Having some fun with the Bradshaws in their castle treehouse (thanks to John for this photo)


Grace and Diya played beautifully together today. Before today they haven’t really played much at all, but today they seemed to have loads of fun with each other.


The smelly day

Grace loves a story, and so Donné was telling her about what had happened while she was away at school. Donné told her a long story about how Eli had stepped in poo in the garden, and then gotten it onto his hand, and that while she was washing his hands she couldn’t figure out why the smell wasn’t going away, and then she realised there was poo on his foot, which meant she had poo on her clothes, and that’s the reason she was wearing different clothes.

Grace listens intently and asks questions along the way. When Donné finished Grace says, “So, while I was at school having lots of fun and playing, you were at home having a smelly day.”

Two little monkeys climbing up the shelf