Monthly Archives: August 2015

Bouncing buddies

Kate and Andrew came for a visit this afternoon – Donné said she felt like she had twins collecting them all from school today.

Eli & Andrew get their bounce on


Keren & Abby

We finally got to spend some time with Keren, see her new home and meet our cat niece


Dangerous work

Apparently drawing with your etch-n-sketch is a dangerous occupation these days and requires the necessary safety gear.


Soccer dads

We had a great evening enjoying a dads versus high & middle school soccer team. There was space for the rest of the children to play various games while the main match was on the go, while everyone else had a good time together on the sidelines. The dads came out tops with the final score being 3-1, but it really could have gone either way – we just happened to have a top-notch goalie. Everyone had lots of fun, and it was just good times (as always) with a wonderful group of people.

Building blocks

Eli wanted to build the Goldieblox but was struggling, so he roped his sister into helping him.


“So soet”

Grace went on a visit to the junior primary today, where the thing that seems to have left the biggest impression on her is the swing that bumped into her head. It is always hard to get feedback on what happens at school, but she seemed to have a good time watching what goes on and spending some time with the older children.

Eli seems to be making an impression on his class mates. One of the boys from his class saw him today and said to his mom, “Mama, daai seuntjie is so soet,” (mommy, that little boy is so sweet).

The preggie painter

Donné has been hard at work getting the baby’s room ready and today she finished the stripy wall, which is looking excellent!


Colouring in the lines