Last day in Jeffreys

Today was our last full day in Jeffreys Bay, tomorrow we head back to PE for the night and Tuesday we are home.  We really had a wonderful relaxing time here in Jeffreys Bay and although I don't feel quite ready to go back I do feel refreshed.  It has been really special for Grace to spend time with all her Grandparents, Keren and don't forget the dogs and cats. She has had a wonderful time and has made herself quite at home here in Jeffreys Bay.  

Princess Grace


Grace helping Gogo in the garden.  This weekend she really enjoyed helping Gogo with various tasks around the house including gardening, feeding the animals and unpacking the groceries. 


Having a mini tea party with her tea set and some yummy carrot cake


I just wanted to take a photo of the outfit because she decided she wanted to wear the little tutu and the jersey (so she could undo buttons). To get her to actually look at the camera I told her to pretend she was licking a lollipop which she did all to gladly.


Grace "fried" Duncan a plastic egg and fed it to him like this


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