Monthly Archives: September 2017

The snow globe ballet show

It has been ballet show time, and tonight was the final performance. Grace has absolutely loved the shows and comes back floating on cloud 9 – a bundle of excitement and happiness.


The show is called “The snow globe” and Grace’s class are all Maypole Flower Sellers (thanks Ursula for the photo!). She has really been enjoying her ballet this year and is interested in going to class twice a week now. The shows are really a highlight for her.

Grace and Natasha in their costumes 


Make up and lots of hair gel (well done to Donné for eeking a tiny bun out of her short hair)


Backstage bustle


Grace’s end of the show run congratulations flowers from Gogo


Fire DJ

Fire DJ Addy, on his way to save the day on his pink scooter


Adam has figured out how to load the nerf gun on his on…which has pros and cons, but definitely brings much joy

Eli has been practicing jumping out of the hammock

Boys and the garden

It took some convincing, but I finally got a decent smile out of Eli.

Just cruising around

The clivias are blooming

And the blueberries are forming (hopefully we’ll get some decent yield this year – assuming Adam let’s them grow)

Chocolate pie and friends

We celebrated or public holiday with some good time with friends and the yummy chocolate pie that Donné made.

Dessert prep

Chocolate fudge pie

Thank you to Pete and Heather for hosting us all!

Keep moving

It’s been a weekend of bike rides, walks in the park and trampoline jumping – making sure we all keep moving, and the kids fill in the spaces with jungle gym time, Lego building and reading.

Some early morning relaxing in the hammock

And some afternoon sillies on the trampoline

Addy’s bike track ride

Adam has been gradually learning to ride his balance bike around the pool but mostly pushes it with the occasional short glide. We decided to go to the bike track today, so with some slight helmet rearranging were on our way.

Pink helmets are cool

Ads gets some freewheeling time (he was getting better by the end)

Grace and Eli both had an amazing ride today.they just missioned of while I walked with Addy and got through the entire course without any help and comfortably. Eli is getting very confident in the track