Monthly Archives: July 2014

Painting time!

A little bit of painting fun with mom




Doing the monkey bars

Grace has been working on getting the monkey bars right, and yesterday she managed to get across the ones at school all on her own….now just to conquer the ones at home. She can pretty much do them, it is just a matter of overcoming her fear of them being a bit higher than the ones at school.

Addition, the Montessori way

Grace has been loving doing the new maths work she has been presented – addition. Yesterday morning I went in to see how it works.

First you get an addition card, in this case, 8434 + 1464. This is the basic addition, as there are no carries in the sum. Then you put the numbers out, thousands, hundreds, tens and units. Each is on a different coloured card, and sized so that they lie on top of each other. Then off to the shelf to collect the thousands cubes, hundreds squares, tens beads and unit beads.


Collect each number (one digit at a time) and lay them out next to each other.


Once you have the two numbers as a set, combine and count. Then put down a card for the thousands, hundreds, tens and units.


And that’s how you add up two numbers to get 9898.



Eli jumped for the first time today! He’s been bouncing on the trampoline for a while now, but finally got some air today.

Pound ‘n Roll

Eli has always enjoyed the “Pound ‘n Roll”, and was having fun giving it a good whack today.

A friend in Spice

Spicey is awesome and gentle with Grace and Eli. Even when Eli literally lies on top of him (or dives on top of him), he just carries on and is happy when someone gives him some stokes. And he is always around, part of the action.

Fizzers and cuddles


Spicey catching up on some TV


Say cheese!

Eli’s love for phones includes trying to take pictures of other people while saying, “Cheese”….or just saying “cheese” while DonnĂ© takes pictures of him.