Monthly Archives: February 2015

Grace and the hundreds board

Grace has been working hard at the hundreds board, which you can see from the photos of her classroom. Thanks to Newberry for the photos.

Working on the hundreds board



Learning to read – working on phonograms


Completing the bird’s eye view, which takes some time to do


Fevers and scooters

Grace was running a fever today, did not go to school and lay on the couch most of the day. She even had a sleep with Eli…and if Grace sleeps in the day, you know she is feeling terrible.


She was looking even worse and her temperature was high at the end of the day, so we gave her the strongest stuff that we had, which fortunately broke the fever. Thirty minutes later and she is bouncing off the walls, super happy to be feeling better, and riding scooters around the table with Eli.

Hopefully the fever stays down.

Grace’s exciting day

Grace had quite the exciting day today. It started off with an owl in the pre-schools’ tree. She took a book to school and got to read it to the class. She sat in the teacher’s seat and was chuffed with herself. Close to the start of this term Grace said that she really wanted to do the bead cabinet work, but she wasn’t able to start because she still needed to master some other things. Today she was very excited to report that she started working on the bead cabinet, in her words, “I’m so good with numbers!”

After such a busy day at school, she went on to swimming and learnt how to do breaststroke. Today was the first time she was introduced to breaststroke, and she picked it up incredibly quickly.

Helping Eli tie shoelaces this morning


At the end of school today Grace says to me, “I’ve got such exciting news,” and she goes on to explain. “Kai from Lindy’s class and Jackson, a toddler, were on the seesaw and Kai was so gentle that Jackson didn’t fall off!” I’m not sure why this was so exciting, but it was the first piece of news that Grace shared, so she thought is was exciting.

Story time with Grace

Grace seems to be having a sensitive period for reading and she is coming home with different reading work that she likes to practice. Today she brought home a book, “Ben and the hen,” which she enjoyed reading to Eli at story time tonight.


Go well Mr Spicey

Spice was suffering from kidney failure, and after a stint in hospital and a little bit of hope of recovery things just kept getting worse. We took him for his last visit to the vet this afternoon. We all had our chance to say goodbye, but it was a difficult thing to have to do.

Spice was such an amazing, super chill cat and we’ll miss him. Coffee will never be the same again, as he always used to come for cappuccino foam. Cappuccino foam was how we taught him to sit on command. He was a big cuddly teddy bear who didn’t even mind when our children lay on top of him.

The prize winning kitten photo


Spice never had a problem with water


How about some fish for dinner?


Goodbye Spice, we’ll miss you


Holes & micro-burgers

We spent a lovely afternoon with our friends the Parkers, and on the list of things to do was dig a hole…


I just love Karen’s micro burgers (which looks bigger than it really was). They were so cute, and you feel like Gulliver in Lilliput while eating them


Practising cricket

Eli wanted to play some cricket so we set up for some ball hitting practice in the garden



Preparing for a play date

Donné organised a play date with one of the families from her class, so Grace says, “But Rachael’s not my friend.” Donné says to her, “Well Grace, you don’t have to play with her in the playground, maybe just do some work together or something.”

Later in the week Grace says, “I’m going to work with Rachael, so that we can be friends before our play date.” A day or two later and Grace says that Rachael is her friend and they played together. This morning (before the play date that happened this afternoon), Rachael apparently said to her mom, “Grace is my friend.”

The hard work paid off Grace!

Silly laugh

Having a silly time laughing with sis

Cake decorating – week 4

Last week was learning and making some toppers. This week was the big cake day!


It is a three layer sponge cake. It was meant to be four, but the one cake didn’t come out exactly the same size as the others.



Donné would have liked a higher level of perfection, but the time in class was very limited. Oh well….now she’ll have to practice and make some more.