Monthly Archives: January 2012

Shut Up Rooster

Today Grace and I met Fiona and Ben at Stodals for some clambering, jumping and feeding the animals. While Grace and Ben played the the two mommy's went about catching up (2 months worth). Grace really enjoyed feeding the goats, bunnies and ponies, but kept on moaning about the rooster being noisy.  I started getting a little frustrated with all the moaning so I turned to the rooster and said "shut up rooster"  the next time the rooster crowed Grace turned to it and said "shut up rooster". 

I guess I need to watch what I say a little more closely 🙂

A new schedule

This year we have changed our schedule around a bit. The main reason was so that we could all eat together at supper which will hopefully encourage Grace to eat the same food as we do in the evenings. We have been eating earlier, and I really enjoy the time together as a family. Now that we all eat together we are saying grace with Grace. Some days she stops before eating, holds out her hands and says, "Tank God," and other days we have, "No tank God." It is very sweet how she tightly closes her eyes and loudly says "Amen!" when we are done…..or sometimes "Amen!" when she thinks we should be done.

Lunches have also changed a bit, with us all eating lunch together before Grace has her nap. Now that she is going to sleep in a bed (no more rocking, but other crutches are still involved….) it means that I am not involved with sleep time anymore which is a boon for me.

Overall it is working well and there is a good flow to family and work life. I really enjoy sitting at the table and eating together. It is a blessing to have the time that we have as a family everyday.

Foam bath paints


Shaving cream foam + food colourant = fun in the bath.

Donné made Grace some shaving cream foam and Grace loved painting the bath, scooping up the foam, and cleaning it all up once she was done. Quick, easy and fun.


A swimming update

Swimming has been going really well this year and Grace is loving each time we go to a lesson or for a swim in the pool. The thing she is loving the most is jumping into the pool. She jumped in on her own (with me there to catch her) for the first time early this year and has just gotten more and more confident as she practices. Now going for a swim at the gym involves jumping in, a little help from dad to get to the pool noodle and then back to the steps to start over again (getting back requires help). She is also launching herself off the step towards me, and quite comfortably to go under and float up to the top before I help her.

I am really happy that the swimming lessons have been going well. She is comfortable in the water with Charlene. Sometimes there is a little bit of unhappiness just as she is getting in, but as soon as they start it is smiles and happiness. Grace is still getting used to her new goggles, but seems to like the idea that her eyes don't get wet when she is under the water.

For me swimming time with Grace is really a special time for me. I enjoy being in the water with her, playing, teaching and just having fun. I really appreciate that I get to be a part of her swimming journey.

Faux pas

I had foot-in-mouth disease tonight. Grace was doing well and having fun, and I put my foot in it. I was singing while she was bathing, and as usual she said, "No singing, sing Silent Night," (because that is the only song that may be sung). I decided to do what she usually does to us (in retrospect this was stupid) and said, "No Silent Night, no Silent Night," in the same kind of way that she would say it.

I am not sure if there was something else wrong (tired, teeth bothering her, etc.), but man, oh man, was it down hill from there. Crying, sobbing, saying "Silent Night sad," and just general super-unhappiness. Whoops. I said sorry and consoled her, but we never quite recovered from there for the rest of the evening.

After a while, more consoling and some mommy love she seemed to be back to being okay (Donné asked her what will make her feel less sad, her answer "hugs")…..well, until I opened my mouth to change my foot. At bedtime Grace asked for, "New bear," which I took to mean, "Can I have a new bear in bed with me?" I was fine with that so I picked up Care Bear…..whoops, we have a situation. More general unhappiness. What Grace meant was, "I want New Bear." I had forgotten that one of her bears was named New Bear. "Sad wrong bear," was what Grace was saying after that. Daddy fail #2 for the night.

At least it was nearly bed time and she seemed to be okay by the time she went to sleep. Luckily she likes hugs and they do help. Shame, my poor baby girl. I love her so much.

The J&B Mel

Grace and I went to our first Moms Connect group this morning.  I was a little uncertain how Grace was going to react with flashbacks of crying and unhappiness at Clamber Club still fresh in my mind, but she was absolutely fine.  I think the cake definitely helped, but she also enjoyed pottering (with me close by). 

Mel came over this afternoon and we got our creative juices flowing.  Mel is off to the J&B Met on Saturday so we decided to make her a personalised fascinator. I think we did an awesome job. This photo does not do it justice, but just to give you an idea of what it looked like.  


Cloud dough

Cloud dough… oil and flour… in a baking tray…..hours of entertainment. Grace spent an hour this morning, and then another half an hour this afternoon playing with, rolling, squishing, searching for beads and joyfully getting cloud dough all over herself and the house.


These days Grace just absolutely loves washing her hair and she asks to wash it most nights. Wednesdays is hair washing day and she spent most of her bath lying on her back….just lying there and enjoying the water around her head.