Monthly Archives: April 2012

Anyone who will listen

Grace has been willing to share her health status with anyone that is willing to listen. If someone (like a cashier) asks her how she is she says, "Gracie not well. Got a snotty nose." Today, one person just said, "Hello," and they got the full story.

The other side of the snotty nose story is what we hear at home, "No snotty nose for two days, then go swim."

She has also started registering when it has been a while since she last saw someone. Anything longer than a couple of days and, "Not see long time."

Good Job Dad

Today we went for coffee and after we had parked the car, Grace turned to Duncan and said "good job dad."  Duncan and I were a little confused as to what he had done so we asked her, "Good job for what Grace?" "Parking in the shade".  She really is a funny bunny sometimes. 

Cuddles with Dad

Cooler weather is wonderful for cuddling!


Watching over you

Not only is Spice an awesome pillow, but he'll also keep a watch over you while you're sleeping.


Good morning!

Grace walks into our room this morning, "Good morning mommy!" Pause, "Good morning baby brother!"

Rest time

Since Grace has stopped sleeping in the day we have introduced a rest time – 45 minutes of quiet time in her bedroom. She can read and play with her toys, but she has to be quiet and stay in her room. Rests have been kind of iffy for a long time now – Grace would only be quiet for a short while, she moaned lots about going to rest, and was just generally difficult around the rests.

Now suddenly the rests have been going better. After lunch today Grace cruises off to her room, closes the curtains and then closes her door. After a minute or two we decided to go and investigate to find Grace lying in bed and holding monkey. She looked at us and said, "Rest time, set timer" with a big smile on her face. Okay, let's embrace it, even if we're expecting her to decide that rest time is over in a few minutes. 45 minutes of silence later and rest time was done. Well done Grace.

Guess what?


Grace is excited to be a big sister.