Monthly Archives: March 2015

Brother/sister cuddles

Getting some love while playing in the garden


Eli the wheelbarrow

Grace and Eli where doing wheelbarrows together, and I’m quite amazed he can actually do it with her holding him by his feet. Hard work for the little man. Oh, and the bump to the head hardly even registered…

Stories & popcorn

Sitting on the couch eating popcorn with Grace reading us a story…and Eli just being Eli.



Healthy sugar (the logical deduction)

While Grace was making muffins yesterday she opens the sugar and says, “Oh good! It’s the healthy sugar.” Confused, Donné asks, “What do you mean Grace?” She says, “The white sugar is the healthy sugar, and the brown sugar is bad because it has gone brown.” Kind of like bananas…

Muffins & Zingo

Last day of school calls for friends, baking muffins and playing games. After the explosion of learning this term, I think a peaceful holiday is going to be good for Grace. The introvert in her needs time to recharge, and she gets to just be, potter, dance, draw, write and play in her own time and space (with a little assistance from Eli).

Making banana muffins with Ava


Zingo time!


Ballet class

Grace seems to really love her ballet. She is excited to go every week, and she loves dancing at home too. Home is a bit more freestyle, but dancing really seems to be something she loves. We went to watch her ballet class today.

Ready for action


Practising curtsies


Pointy toes





Snake for dinner?

Having fun making all sorts of exotic things, like sushi and snake, and then taking them to Donné who has to eat them in the very particular way that Eli has decided they should be eaten.