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Grace’s woodland fairy party

We celebrated Grace’s birthday on Saturday with her friends. Grace wanted a fairy party, so we decided to craft that into a woodland fairy theme.

Ready to sing and blow out the candles


Grace’s toadstool cake


The birthday girl


I love my Aunty


Even fairies can do monkey bars


We made fairy gardens together after cutting the cake







Pin the star on the wand


We also enjoyed playing fairy-go-seek together.

Donné and I had lots of fun preparing the food…

Mushroom meringues


“Ladybird” cupcakes and marshmallow cups


Snail wraps


Homemade milk tarts


Fruit cups….we’re still wondering which child decided to eat all the pineapple out of the cups


At the end of the day Donné asked Grace what her favourite part of the day was, “Playing hide and go seek with daddy.” It is a reminder that even with all the fun and crazy of a birthday party, the most important things are the small, but special, times of playing together.

Happy 6th birthday, Grace

Our little girl turned 6 today, and we all had a relaxing day with our family.

Playing her new Junior Monopoly, wearing her new watch, and I’m surprised she is not sitting on her new little office chair – all of which she loves.


Gramps and Eli sharing an ice cream moment


Where are we going? Jeffrey’s Bay!

Eli and Grace were both very excited to be on the way to Jeffrey’s Bay for a holiday today. To dissipate a tiny amount of the excitement about seeing all the grandparents, we had them singing, “Where are we going?” clap, clap, clap, “Jeffery’s Bay” (to Dora’s tune)

Grace’s toadstool cake

We celebrated Grace’s 6th birthday today with a enchanted forest fairy party, and for the cake we made…a fairy toadstool cake!


There is a bit of a back story with the cake. Things were looking good, icing on the bottom part and it was all going smoothly. We carefully put the top part on and it was all looking good. Then things started to happen….well just one thing really – the cake started to collapse on itself.

Panic stations!

Very fortunately it did stabilise, or at least it did for long enough to make it to the party – it even gave the cake more character.

Here is the back of the cake (which started as tall as the front). I think cutting the cake to size just took away all the strength and the weight of the cake on top just squished the walls out.


Fortunately it held it together and was well received. It was a good team effort to put this together, and we even managed to get to sleep at a decent time last night!

Sticky, gooey, marshmallow cups

Party prep means there are spares/duds for eating, and well….what can we really say about this?


5 little monkeys

Eli came home singing “5 little monkeys bouncing on the bed.”

Colouring frenzy

Grace is suddenly having a colouring frenzy. Whenever she has a moment to spare she starts to colour in her colouring book. Her colouring seems to have entered a new phase, with much more accuracy

Colouring is for everyone