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Now and then



…and then


That was 9 October 2012, nearly a year ago.

Eli is protecting his brain from the alien signals


First steps and Friday fun

Eli took his first step today. Just one and a half steps between mommy and daddy, but he has officially taken his first step. Not long and he’ll be able to run from one set of legs to the other.

Grace’s school celebrated Maria Montessori’s birthday today with a South African theme. Everyone also had to take along a South African food item and Grace’s meatballs (frikkadels) were a big success.


Grace wanted to make a rocket out of a large piece of paper, and once she had squeezed inside, she definitely needed a cone for the top of the rocket…


“I really need to get to that last little bit of jelly!”


Standing and reading

Eli is working on walking. There has just been this subtle change in the way that he holds on to things and people – it’s lighter. Yesterday he was standing and DonnĂ© gently let go of him with the intention that he sit down, but instead of the usual plop to the ground, he just stood there. 5….10….still going strong, and then plop, his legs gave way. Now just to coordinate those feet.

Feedback from school is that Grace wants to read. She doesn’t want to work through all the building blocks that lead up to reading, she just wants to read. She did manage to get a list of words to practice, all words ending in “ot”, like pot, cot, lot, etc. which she can sound out. I think she will really love being able to read.

Pillow fight!

I was washing my face this morning and I hear, “Pillow fight! Pillow fight!” and Eli laughing away, so we had a re-enactment later in the day…


Fabric painting in preparation for Maria Montessori day on Friday


Who’s that in the cot with you Eli?



Spacemen and trademarks

Grace has developed a trademark sign in her drawings – every drawing now gets a sun somewhere. A new skill and she is using it everywhere.

On the left is Rapunzel with her long hair and tiara (the little black circle on her head). The purple blobs next to her are her wings. On the right is the wicked witch. And there is that sun.


Grace blasted off the house on a trip to Mars today, which definitely requires a space suit (pink dress), helmet and eye protection so that she doesn’t get sand in her eyes.



Better swimming arms

Grace has been working on her swimming arms making them both work, instead of just the one, and is now doing nice circles. Her ability to be independent in the water is growing in leaps and bounds.

Winter sunny days

Other than the required chores for the day, today was whiled away in the sunny garden, just enjoying being together.


Grace in the Minnie Mouse dress she borrowed from Catelin after their play date was cut short yesterday