Monthly Archives: March 2012


Tonight we went off to the start of Donné's dad's 60th celebrations and left Gogo and Gramps to go through Grace's bedtime routine. Earlier today we had explained to Grace what would be happening and she seemed fine with it. So when the time came to go we said, "Okay Grace, mom and dad are going now." She turned to me waving and said, "Bye dad!" then turned to Donné and said, "Bye mom!" gave us each a hug and a kiss and that was that. Everything went smoothly and she was in bed and sleeping earlier than she usually is.

Grandpa turns 60 tomorrow – happy birthday Grandpa!


Go Jeffrey’s Bay!

Grace had a happy day today. It all started with a morning with Gogo – some happy time pottering together and watching some TV. From there it was fun with aunty Keren, fun with granny and grandpa, which was then followed by a most exciting thing.

First let’s back up a bit. Today, for some reason, every time we have said, “Let’s go,” Grace has gotten super excited and started hopping around and squeeling with delight. There has been joy in going (and just about any activity).

So when we decided to go to Jeffrey’s Bay she was more than a little bit excited. Jeffrey’s Bay is a happy place for Grace, her “Other home,” as she describes it. She was just suber-uber excited to be coming. For the rest of the day we had regular, “Go Jeffrey’s Bay!” which continued on the way here, culminating in a new song about how much fun Jeffrey’s Bay is which had Grace clapping and bouncing in her seat.

When we arrived she immediately went to work settling herself in. Get the windmill from the room and put it in its place in the flower bed. Get some bubbles and blow bubbles. Run up and down the passage. Call dad saying, “Come dad! Run there, jump off there, round there, through the trees, round there!” referring to the path we had mapped out around the garden the last time we were here. The huge smile on her face might have given away that she, “Ub it here, ub it here,” (loves it here). We all love it here.

Don’t forget

Grace went to bed and was quiet for a good while until she suddenly started calling out desperately. I went to her and after listening carefully figured out she was saying, “Want that one after supper!” Ahh, I know what this is about and it’s for Donné to sort out.

Grace got an Easter egg in the shop today with the promise that she could have it after supper. Supper had come and gone and we’d all forgotten…..that is until Grace spent some time processing her day and realised that something was missing.

This little girl does not forget….

Washing line busy bag

I have been organising a busy-bag swap and my bag is a washing line and felt clothes set. At first Grace struggled with the pegs, but now she has got it and is happily hanging clothes on the line.

Busy bags, all ready to swap.


Grace having fun hanging clothes


Mousy maze

When it is time for a story, what does Grace choose? The mousy maze book.

It is a follow-the-winding-path through to the end book, helping the "Pipsqueaks" to the end. We've been reading it for a while now and Grace has picked up my little ditty that I sing as she follows the line going "do, do, do, do, do-do-do." Now she is even starting to get the concept of the maze, when she gets to a junction on the one picture she says, "Or froggy, or puddle, or boat."

And tonight I laughed when she got to a dead end, "Ahh, wrong way."

Heard in the house today

Grace took out her toy phone and had some phone calls to make today. Our favourite was her call to Motie cat (our wayward child).

Grace: "Hello Motie cat."
Donné: "What's motie doing?"
Grace: "Just cruising around. Come home Motie cat. Bye Motie cat."

Grace's butterfly light casts a shadow in the evening, and for the last few days she has been pointing at the shadow and saying, "Dinosaur." Donné asked her, "What's the dinosaur doing?" "Just sitting."

Better brushing

Grace is getting better at brushing her teeth. In the mornings she gets to brush them, and the brushing is getting more vigorous….and all over the face.


And just a side note for the day: Grace and Duncan went swimming, and Grace swam, full on, for about an hour and fifteen minutes. It is really surprising how much endurance she has for swimming.