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One of a kind

Kim – one of Grace's teachers – often says, "Gracie-Lou, you're one of a kind." So we were obviously a bit curious about this and had to ask what she meant by the comment. In her words, "She's memorable….in a cute way."

She has been having some classic comments over the past little while, here are some of them:

Grace wanted me to squish her by lying on top of her and hugging her, but had been squealing when I did it so I said no to her telling her I wasn't going to do it because she squeals. She chirps, "That wasn't a squeal, that was a grunting."

Donné was saying good night to her and she says, "I in the middle. Mommies room is over there, Eli's room is over there. I in the middle, because I special."

We were eating and I can't recall exactly what happened, but Grace starts saying. "Ock a ogie, ock a ogie." (Hock-a-logie….which comes from me due to the Raj and Raj 2 Corsa Lite adverts).

Grace opens the fridge and the new milk is lying on a shelf instead of standing in the door so she says, "Silly mommy, silly mommy, doesn't know how the milk goes."

She is talking about her brother and says, "Eli has little everything…he has big balls."

Grace was singing the slippery fish song in her room while Eli was going to sleep, so I asked her to stop and go to the lounge. she stops and says, "I paused at the flying stingray."

Gogo gave Grace a pack of tissues. She looks at them and says, "Did she download it from the blogpost?"

There was a pinata at Tayla's birthday party and the next day Grace says, "Why did Tayla mess sweets all over the place? Such a mess")

Some Wednesday Fun!

Eli playing in his toy basket.  He really enjoyed this because he could sit upright, reach all his toys and put them in his mouth


Eli was having a nap on our bed this afternoon and when I went to check on him I found that he had a friend 


Grace and Eli playing in the sandpit together – that was until Grace decided they were finished and well that was the end of that.  Poor little man he is going to have to get used to being bossed around by his older sister.  Just as a note Eli isn't sitting for longer than a few seconds on his own – Duncan was standing right there


Ice cream summer

Ice creams have been big this summer. Ice cream was always something that we did while out, but Grace now knows about ice cream for dessert and there is no turning back.

I think Eli wants some….


Come on Eli, let’s go for a swing…


Good morning, good everning

Grace got herself entirely confused today. She's been a bit off colour, and although we know she would benefit from a nap, we also know that it is unlikely on any given day. After an incident with some kokis and her clothes she ended up in her room for an extended period of time with the hope that she might just fall asleep. It was the last 10 minutes of her rest time and with Grace moaning and making a noise Donné had to go in to make the rules clear….very clear. 10 minutes passed, not a peep, 20 minutes, not a peep – she's sleeping!

After a long nap she was up and about and feeling much better – chirpy, full of life and enjoying playing. Supper came along and we decided to have egg and bacon, and then as bath time draws nearer Grace starts to moan that it is not night time. "It's not night time! We haven't done anything today! We just had breakfast!" She thought it was morning, and the nap plus choice of supper just threw her out of whack completely.

When I was running the bath she was standing behind me whacking me on the back saying, "We don't bath in the morning! It's not night time!" Donné stopped her, and carefully ran through the whole day, detailing each thing we had done, explaining how if it was the next day she would be going to school, and slowly she came around to the fact that it was still the same day. Poor baby, she really isn't used to an afternoon nap.

Passed out….her head "should" be somewhere on the left where Oinkey is sleeping.


The amazing balancing Eli! Don't try this at home kids, it may not be as it appears.


Eli's thinking, "I've been working on getting to these beads for the last 4 months – working on building strength, learning to pull myself up, learning to grab things – and finally I've managed to get to the beads on the bouncy chair! All this hard work, and they taste like this?!?"


Tayla’s party

Kids parties' with sushi are awesome….and make our little girl very happy. While the others were playing on the water slide, Grace was making a dent in the sushi platter. We had a good time, and we've been enjoying getting to know some more of the people from school better.

Cocktail juice!


There was quite an impressive candle, more like a firework really. A massive blow torch like flame, ending in a mini explosion – and these were the stares of wonder at the awesomeness.


Ladybug brownies

Another play date with Hannah…


…and this time brownies are on the menu (yay for me!)


He does love that cow….and we do love the super cute onesie from Annie. It is a 6-9 month size, and pretty much fits him in the length….with lots of room to spare on the sides (he is 4 months old now).