Whistles and building

Part of our homework from the Speech Therapist was to practice blowing whistles, recorders, through straws, blowing out candles, blowing bubbles etc.  Grace is enjoying it and although she can't blow on a party blowout (the thingy in the photo) yet, she is able to blow on various other whistles.  She is also really enjoying blowing through straws, especially if there is water involved.


Although we are currently back in a puzzle and book phase (she is now building 36 piece puzzles – which is just mind boggling to me), Grace decided to play with her Duplo blocks today.  I built the tree and laid the foundation of the house and she built the rest.  It was fascinating to watch her build the house because she tended to put all the same colours together – just an interesting observation.  Her little house was very orderly 🙂  


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